Games we want to see adapted on screen

Feb 28, 2022

monopoly movie

Move on, comic book movies. Movies based on popular games will eventually have their big break soon.

With the success of films like Uncharted starring Tom Holland, the Sonic the Hedgeorhog movies, and unexpected productions based on Battleship and Clue, there's no denying the eventual impact of games on the visual medium.

The power of a good narrative can make a lifeless game into a tentpole film, and a good one into som
ething better. Here, we list down some of the games we are really interested to see on the big screen.


wordle movie

The instant success of Wordle, a quick word game where players guess the five-letter "Word of the Day" in limited means, will inevitably find its way somewhere. Maybe, it's a documentary series behind its success or even a comedy-drama that subtly incorporates it in the story. Absurd as it sounds like, should we remind ourselves even more than Hollywood would devote their big checks out to something that's trending.


Classic Minesweeper on

Minesweeper could blend itself in an intellectual war movie filled with high stakes. The game can be unpredictable and has been modernized recently as Classic Minesweeper by for the new generation, but the simplicity of its mechanics can undeniably create a thrilling series of puzzling set-pieces when handled well.


monopoly movie

Hollywood has a long affair with Monopoly. The popular board game has sprung various iterations from across different IPs and countries, and many filmmakers have unsurprisingly been toying with the idea of a full-length movie based on it. Comedian Kevin Hart has been previously attached to star in the untitled project based on Monopoly, and while the project is still uncertain, we wouldn't mind a good fun time if it pushes through.

Grand Theft Auto

grand theft auto movie

Video games are the easiest medium to be adapted on film because of the world-building it already has. Grand Theft Auto may not have a movie equivalent, but its playthrough is already cinematic in its right. Delving in the crazy criminal underbelly has the right promise of a promising movie, or a multi-season series on TV/ streaming like Narcos.


solitaire movie
Solitaire Game on

Solitaire, like many card games, has no foundation to even warrant a two-hour story, but the recent emergence of new Chess fans through The Queen's Gambit could undeniably share the same fate with a classic game of decks. Not many people may not be educated on how to play it (it's actually fun if you get to try it, sites like can guide you on your playing journey), but so is Mahjong, and that game has stemmed a variety of films and countless television soap operas.

Any other games you want us to include on this list? Share your suggestions in the comments section below!


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