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Review: 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' opts for teen drama over action

Jul 9, 2017

‘ Spider-Man: Homecoming ’ is no different from the previous film iterations of the iconic web-slinger story-wise. Peter Parker is deali...

Spotlight - Movie Review

Feb 18, 2016

Rarely does a film capture the true essence of the journalism world. Beneath the interviews and hours of facing a typewriter are people...

Church Sex Scandal Depicted in 'Spotlight'

Feb 7, 2016

" Crime does not pay ", an adage that holds the truth, even in this 21st century. Spotlighting a decade-long and numerous ...

Awards Darling 'Spotlight' To Open This February in PH Cinemas!

Jan 31, 2016

A nominee for Oscars Best Picture, ' Spotlight ', will be having its local premiere this February 10 in time for the heat of the...

Oscar-Winning 'Birdman' Returning To PH Cinemas Starting March 4

Feb 26, 2015

“ Birdman ” – this year’s big winner at the Oscars that bagged the Best Picture Award which also won the Best Director Award (Alejandro G. ...

Birdman (Film Review)

Jan 24, 2015

How Director Alejandro Gonzales Iῆárritu opened ‘ Birdman ’ is somewhat odd. The lead character appears for the first time meditating, afl...

'Birdman' Dominates This Year's Awards Season Kick-off

Dec 19, 2014

“ Birdman ” or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) opened to rave reviews and has so far dominated this year’s awards season kick-off at ...

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