Jessica Jones: Episode 3 and 4 Review

Dec 8, 2015
jessica jones review
This is part three of our 'Jessica Jones' show where we review every episode currently streaming in Netflix, because the Purple Man says so. Click here to check reviews of other episodes.

"AKA It's Called Whiskey", or Episode 3 picks up immediately after the big reveal of Luke Cage having super-human skin to Jessica. If you'll recall, the look given by Jessica on Episode 2 after seeing it was sort-of terrified. But the showrunners prove us wrong because what may be an expected "let's talk about your powers for a second" ended up being a very intense sex scene between Luke and Jessica. And na-ah, they "did" it thrice on a single episode. The sex scenes come off being one of the funniest moments so far, as these two professing super-powered strengths clashes under a bed, and they surely wrecked that mattress sheet.
jessica jones sex scene
But the series of coitus stops immediately after Jessica remembers a memory of Luke's wife, whom she killed under the mind-control of Kilgrave. This supblot would likely be a focus on the later episodes but Kilgrave is building an empire to drag Jessica down. A surveillance team (or one) was established to monitor every single move, and even her sneaking cheating spouse at night. What I love about this is that Jessica is a surveillance her own-self, and it's a very interesting dynamic (and super creepy) once she learns other people are watching her also. Add to the creep-level is it includes her neighbor junkie Malcolm.
jessica jones review

There's not much of Kilgrave as of now, but what we do now is the amounts of victims he has been dealing. A horrifying encounter between Jessica and a little girl manipulated by Kilgrave proves that the villain has no limitations and care at all. 
jessica jones review
Another interesting character played a better role here, and it's Trish Walker, Jessica's best friend. There's a nice balance of her being physically-ready and psychologically-scared was played after the incident with Officer Simpson trying to strangle her. "Kilgrave" speech at her talk show definitely put her in a terrible condition, and I love the fact that Kilgrave was listening to this the whole time. Scary stuff.
jessica jones review
The geek rates Episode 3 an 8/10 and Episode 4 an 7.5/10!

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