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Jul 5, 2020
maynila sa mga kuko ng liwanag

What is Film Geek Guy?

Film Geek Guy is a blog about Philippine cinema and other musings. Launched in 2011 initially as a personal column for essays about film, it branches out as an online portal for Filipino film news, reviews, and discussions.

The blog name originated as an initial assumption of the blog owner that titles of blogs should be a three-word combination in order to be catchy. He later realized that he's the only person in the world who thinks of such "rule". But hey, everyone needs to start somewhere.
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film geek guy logo
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The team

Film Geek Guy is Matthew Escosia, a public relations professional and writer from the Philippines. His written works, mainly about film, have been featured on various publications both locally and internationally. 

While Film Geek Guy is mostly operated Matthew, the blog will not be possible without its team of contributors who are kind enough to share their voices about anything film. 


To contribute to Film Geek Guy, please visit this page.

What do we write about?

To give you a full grasp of what Film Geek Guy writes, here is the rundown of the categories:

FEATURED - Stories we want to highlight.
NEWS/ UPDATES - Current news/ updates about anything film. Coverage of events and press releases are sometimes distributed under this category.
REVIEWS - Reviews/ essays about movies.
FILM FESTIVAL - Coverage of various film festivals. 

How to submit your stories to Film Geek Guy?

Film Geek Guy is open to all sorts of stories about film and even pop-culture in general. If you have any stories (in the form of press releases or event invites) or something you wish to share with us for review or potential partnerships, please send your message to matthew.escosia@gmail.com.

How to advertise your brand to Film Geek Guy?

Film Geek Guy is open to sharing your brand with our readers through advertisement banners, spots, or posts. Feel free to send your proposal to matthew.escosia@gmail.com.

Where else can we find Film Geek Guy?

Film Geek Guy can be seen on various social media platforms. Follow us on the following:

Facebook - Film Geek Guy
Twitter - @filmgeekguy
Instagram - @filmgeekguy
Reddit - r/PhilippineCinema
Telegram - t.me/filmgeekguy

Photo lifted from Lino Brocka's Maynila Sa Mga Kuko ng Liwanag (1975).