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‘Film Geek Guy’ is a Philippine-based movie blog launched by Matthew Escosia on July 2011. Initially used as a platform to display essays on film and television to a wider reach, it has now become a central hub for various content: news, movie reviews, editorials, listicles, and more. 

Matthew Escosia

To date, the blog has earned the trust of its partner film studios and organizations to deliver great and widely-consumed consumed, from Warner Bros. Pictures Philippines, Walt Disney Pictures Philippines, 20th Century Fox Philippines, TBA Studios, iFlix, Universal Harvesters Incorporated, and Trinitian Film Society. 

The blog is committed to not only nurture the presence of Philippine cinema to a global reach, but to also create as much discussion surrounding it. We believe cinema should not be limited to home, it tastes best when shared with neighbors.

Let’s have a cup of drink and talk about personal cinematic adventures! 

E-mail me at matthew.escosia@gmail.com for various messages, from just plain conversations to event invites, press releases. You have a film you want me to review? Hit me up! Want your brand be featured somewhere the site, or immortalized through a post? Hit me up! Just say hi and I’ll be more than welcome to engage. 


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Let's talk about your cinematic adventures!

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