A running list of Filipino BL series you can watch

Jul 9, 2020
filipino bl series

Being stuck in quarantine has allowed a lot of Filipinos to tune into the genre of BL series (a short term for Boys Love), contributing to the phenomenon it already has internationally.

Thanks to the popularity of 2gether: The Series, the BL series from Thailand which garnered over 100 million views for its uploaded episodes on YouTube, more producers are now starting to come up with new content that features same-sex romance—even with the current social distancing measures being put out on productions.

A lot of filmmakers from the Philippines have greatly responded to this emerging trend, and as of writing, there are now three BL series circulated online with a few more set to be released.

This is your one-stop guide to the Filipino BL series that is currently available and the others that will be, from the official plot, cast, release schedules, and more.

A running list of BL series from the Philippines

A Kiss To Remember

Boys' Lockdown


Gaya Sa Pelikula

Hello Stranger

In Between

Kumusta Bro

MyDay The Series

My Extra Ordinary

Oh, Mando


Truly Very Yours

U & I The Series

A Kiss To Remember
Plot details to be revealed.

Director: To be announced

Cast: Christian Estrada, Z Mejia

Schedule and where to watch: TV5, Colours, and AsterisK Digital TV’s Youtube channel

Boys' Lockdown
Love in the time of a pandemic. While it's certainly not the best time to go out, meet someone and fall in love, Key and Chen find each other in the middle of the quarantine and connect in ways that surprise them both.

Director: Jade Castro

Screenplay: Danice Mae Sison

Cast: To be announced

Schedule and where to watch: To be announced

gameboys filipino bl series
Cairo (Canlas) is raring for a rematch after his sudden defeat in a popular mobile game. But his opponent Gavreel (de Santos) wants something in return.

Director: Ivan Andrew Payawal

Screenplay: Ash Malanum

Cast: Elijah Canlas, Kokoy de Santos, Adrianna So, Kyle Velino

Schedule: Fridays (8PM PST)

Where to watch: IdeaFirst Company’s YouTube channel

Gaya Sa Pelikula
Gaya Sa Pelikula filipino bl series
Gaya Sa Pelikula tells the story of Karl, a college freshman, and his blooming romance with the upperclassman Vlad.

Director: J.P. Habac

Screenplay: Juan Miguel Severo

Cast: Ian Pangilinan, Paolo Pangilinan

Schedule and where to watch: To be announced

Hello Stranger
hello stranger filipino bl series
When Mico (Alcantara) organizes an online quiz night with his barkada, he is surprised when the school's popular basketball player, Xavier (Labrusca), joins in and insults them. Little does Mico know that this won't be the last time he'll be seeing Xavier.

Director: Petersen Vargas

Screenplay: Patrick Valencia, Kriss Ann de la Peña, Katherine Labayen, Ella Palileo, Isabella Policarpio, Joanna Marie Reyes, Daniel Saniana, J. Eliseo Sandico

Cast: JC Alcantara, Tony Labrusca, Gillian Vicencio, Vivoree Esclito, Miguel Almendras, Patrick Quiroz

Schedule: Wednesdays (8:30PM PST)

Where to watch: Black Sheep’s Facebook and YouTube channel

In Between
in between filipino bl series
Two guy best friends fall in love with each other.

Director: Brilliant V. Juan

Screenplay: Brilliant V. Juan, Krishelle Ann Aguilar

Cast: Genesis Vedido, Migs Villasis, Shiara Dizon, Lara Fortuna, Renshi de Guzman

Schedule: Saturday (8PM, PST)

Where to watch: USPHTV’s YouTube channel

Kumusta Bro
kumusta bro filipino bl series
Plot details to be revealed.

Creator: Real Florido

Cast: Sky Quizon, Kristof Garcia, RJ Agustin, Allen Cecilio

Schedule: To be announced

Where to watch: Kumu

MyDay The Series
my day the series filipino bl series
A romantic comedy series about a young determined culinary intern named SKY (Miko Gallardo) making his way into a multi-billion-dollar food company.

Director: Xion Lim

Cast: Miko Gallardo, Aki Torres

Schedule: To be announced

Where to watch: Oxin Films’ YouTube channel

My Extra Ordinary
my extra ordinary filipino bl series
Shake is very lonely and doesn’t remember anything from his past until one day he meets a strange boy, Ken.

Director: Jolo Atienza

Screenplay: Kristian Kabigting, Jolo Atienza, Vincent De Jesus

Cast: Darwin Yu, Enzo Santiago, Karissa Toliongco, Samuel Kafranca,

Schedule: To be announced

Where to watch: One TV, Colours, AsterisK Digital TV’s Youtube channel

Oh, Mando
oh mando filipino bl series
Plot details to be revealed.

Director: Eduardo Roy, Jr.

Cast: Kokoy de Santos, Alex Diaz

Schedule To be announced

Where to watch: iWant

sakristan filipino bl series
As the world increasingly accepting many forms of romance, here comes a distinctive tale of love that is bound to sweep across the only Christian country in Asia.

Director: Darryl Yap

Screenplay: Darryl Yap

Cast: Henry Villanueva, Clifford Pusing

Schedule: Sundays (12AM PST)

Where to watch: VinCentiments’ YouTube channel

Truly Very Yours
truly very yours filipino bl series
This is a story of how a young guy named Mark, a scriptwriter wannabe, turned his boring hours, days, weeks and months of quarantine life into quaranflinging. Trying to be creative with the script he is writing, what he thought would be fun brought him back to a time in his life that never had closure. Wait, what? How? Why?

Creator: Gab Torres

Cast: Marky Erasga, Wex Andre, Robin Hanrath, Dana Rampa

Where to watch: JACE TV’s YouTube channel

U & I the Series
u & i the series filipino bl series
Plot details to be revealed.

Director(s): Richard Simbol, Jeff Talavera

Screenplay: Richard Simbol, Jeff Talavera

Cast: Jaja Ornales Narciso, Von Jericho Salonga

Schedule: To be announced. The series will be available this August 2020.

Where to watch: RJTV’s YouTube channel

Are there any Filipino BL series you want us to add on this list? Comment down your reactions below.

Photos used from Black Sheep, Globe Studios, iWant, IdeaFirst Company, AskterisK Digital, USPHTV, Kumu, Oxin Films, VinCentiments, JACE TV, RJTV.


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