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How our favorite movies are teaching us to be financially responsible

Aug 15, 2021

For many of us who might not have a professional advisor to guide us in various life problems, we often look back on our favorite pieces in ...

Why Having an Apartment in New York Shouldn’t Be Difficult

Aug 13, 2021

Photo from Architectural Digest Imagine you’re living in New York. Trying to get an apartment. Finally getting that dream place for so long....

Dual Mania (2021): Film Review

Jul 26, 2021

Joseph Stri ckland’s  Dual Mania  follows Dr. Steve Livingston (Joseph Plummer), a fresh graduate taking on his first patient as a psychothe...

TBA Studios sets streaming for throuple love story "Shoe Me What You Got"

Jul 18, 2021

This steamy polyamorous sex drama is shot in black-and-white, giving the film a tasteful ‘arthouse style’ flavor. TBA Studios is releasing t...

Viu Original “Still” series features star-studded lineup, tickets available now

Jul 18, 2021

Filipino creatives are still here, and they’re bursting at the seams. Top creatives in cinema, music, and theater are all fired up to keep c...

Memorable Star Wars Scenes That Deserve Their Own Video Games

Jun 12, 2021

It was 1999. You’ve just stepped out of the screening for Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace and began to think of how amazing those ...

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