Anino Sa Likod Ng Buwan - Movie Review

Jul 21, 2016
anino sa likod ng buwan review

To call a film "breathtaking" seems like an overstatement, but the word is very fitting to describe the experience of seeing 'Anino Sa Likod Ng Buwan' in the theater. Set in the early '90s during the feud between the military and rebellious communists, the movie follows three characters whose mysteries are slowly unwrapped over the course of the eclipse period. 

Emma (LJ Reyes) and Nardo (Anthony Falcon) are a couple caught in the middle of madness. A military friend (Luis Alandy) keep them company to bring them necessary supplies. In the film's opening moments, the three embarked on a game of cards as their way to past time until the normal play time switches to a conversation about principles versus ideologies, where a tinge of tension and doubt began to erupt.

anino sa likod ng buwan review

Filmed to look like a one seamless shot, the film wisely tracks down the movements of its only three characters while strictly limiting itself on the couple's shelter. The style appears to look gimmicky at first glance, but it benefits a lot in creating the discomfort and claustrophobic mood throughout the film. 

anino sa likod ng buwan review

The film will not come as close to its perfection if not by its actors' commendable performances. Anthony Falcon and Luis Alandy are great here, but the one to look for is LJ Reyes, who effortlessly outshines the two. Reyes was recently lauded as Best Actress for this film in Gawad Urian 2016, and she deserved every single bit of it. She did the most difficult task among the three as the only one to participate in almost every scene of the lengthy continuous shot, and although there were obvious instances were she seems to trip on her dialogue, she never break free on the role. 

anino sa likod ng buwan review

Fierce, seductive and relentless, 'Anino Sa Likod Ng Buwan' is without a doubt one of the best cinematic experiences I had all year. This film is enough to reignite one's hope of Philippine cinema going for its truest potential. But perhaps the only way to do that is to have everyone see it, and I strongly urge every single one of you to go out and watch it as possible. I guarantee, you will never see anything like it. 

The geek rates it 10/10!

'Anino Sa Likod Ng Buwan' is now showing in select theaters (click here for the list of cinemas). Rated R-18 without cuts by the MTRCB.

anino sa likod ng buwan review


Directed by: Jun Robles Lana

Written by: Jun Robles Lana

Starring: LJ Reyes, Luis Alandy, Anthony Falcon

anino sa likod ng buwan review

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