'The Walking Dead' to be tagalized on TV5

Jul 8, 2016
the walking dead tv5

Yes, you read that right. AMC's 'The Walking Dead' will be having its national TV premiere on Philippine channel TV5.

the walking dead tv5
From TV5's official Facebook page, with the caption:

"Because you asked for it, ngayon nandito na sila! Humanda na dahil the WALKERS are coming... SOON on TV5!"

While there is no actual confirmation from the network, the universally acclaimed show is expected to be Tagalog-dubbed similar to their treatment on their previously acquired western shows like Arrow, Agents of SHIELD and more. Nevertheless, brace yourselves to see the return of everyone's favorite antagonist "Ang Gobernador" and a slew of "naglalakad na patay".

'The Walking Dead' opens "soon" on TV5.

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  1. I am against this. Meron tayo English subject sa Education System natin. Para sa akin, malaking insult ito sa talino natin mga Pinoy.

    1. di lahat kayang magsalita at makaintindi ng english.
      hindi ito insult... nasa pinas tayo, may karapatan tayo mag-tagalog dub para sa mga tao.

    2. Iba parin talaga pag tagalog. Ma fefeel mo talaga emotion less stressed pa,

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Then don't watch it. Wala bang karapatang mapanuod 'to ng mga kababayan natin na walang cable? Share mo naman. Sa english lang ba nasusukat ang katalinuhan?

  4. Wow nman naumpsahan nmin an walking dead ....at its tagalog uulitin nmin ito....thank you tv5.... Family bonding n nman as a mother happy ako dhil all my children watched walking dead sakamat.....

  5. kaya yan tinatagalog dub ay para sa mga taong hirap makaintindi ng english. hindi lahat ng tao magaling sa pakikinig at pagsasalita ng english. please respect din..

    mas okay sakin na tinatagalog yung mga movies. :)

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