Sparks Fly in Puregold Channel's newest Tiktok series, My Plantito

Aug 18, 2023
My Plantito

Brace yourselves for a rollercoaster ride of laughter, kilig, and heartwarming moments when Puregold Channel's latest Tiktok series, My Plantito, premieres on August 23. 

The story begins when a quiet, seemingly aloof and shy guy who treats his plants like family meets a bubbly vlogger-next-door who takes an instant liking for him. Get ready as Puregold Channel, the ‘enabler’ behind those romcom series you loved, gets you on board a journey through friendship, family ties, and a dash of romance.

My Plantito, the first-ever Boy-Love (BL) series on Tiktok, is set to be Puregold Channel’s next hit production, and it's not hard to see why. The show gives viewers a peek into how a casual encounter between two quirky characters can lead to a deep connection when the timing is right and love is meant to be. 

The show stars Kych Minemoto as Charlie the vlogger and Michael Ver as the handsome plantito, both of whom prove that love is not just about attraction and giddy romance—it's about self-discovery, navigating the issues of inclusivity and acceptance, and unraveling the kind of love that yearns to be free.

Ivy Hayagan-Piedad, Marketing Senior Manager at Puregold, concurs, asserting that My Plantito “is more than just garden-variety entertainment; it's learning about understanding and empathy. It isn't just any love story; it proffers meaningful life lessons and the endearing mess that love creates.”

As in their past digital series, director Lemuel Lorca and producer Chris Cahilig weave their magic behind the scenes. Taking their cue from the leads, supporting actors Ghaello Salva, Elora Espano, Derrick Lauchengco, and Devi Descartin add their own flavors to the mix.

So mark your calendars for August 23! My Plantito will premiere exclusively on Puregold Channel's TikTok and YouTube platforms. 

My Plantito

For a sneak peek that'll leave you craving for more, check out the official trailer here:

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