REVIEW: The Nun II (Michael Chaves, 2023)

Sep 10, 2023

the nun 2

Much of the conversation surrounding The Nun II, the follow-up to The Conjuring prequel from 2018, will tell you that the film delivers well on its jump scares. It works to the advantage of a cinema experience. With lights turned off and speakers maxed out, the film has a great hold of an auditory atmosphere that elicits reactions from its audience.

The Conjuring franchise has always proved to make the most out of its display of thrills and while Michael Chaves’ The Nun II did not offer anything fresh in this regard, the film excels by never leaving its characters behind.

the nun 2
Photo from Warner Bros. Pictures

This sequel brings back Sister Irene (Taissa Farmiga), who was called again to investigate mysterious deaths caused by a demonic presence. This brings her to once again face Valak, the demon nun behind these events and now terrorizing a familiar face.

Beyond its scares, The Nun II has investing arcs for Sister Irene and other supporting characters even more than its predecessor. It leaves for more interesting set pieces to the point where Valak becomes a prop in her movie. The film never advances its titular demon, but we do know that she’s a powerful threat – so powerful that one will wonder when will be the end of her.

But still, The Nun II 
is a fairly well-made film. I wish we could’ve dug deeper into Valak’s mythology instead of having her randomly invade quiet moments. There are already two of these movies after all.

The Nun II is now showing in cinemas from Warner Bros. Pictures.

Photos from Warner Bros. Pictures.


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