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Manila to host 'Aquaman' Asian Premiere this December

Nov 10, 2018

The upcoming DC movie ' Aquaman ' is set to have its Asian Premiere in Manila on December 11, 2018. In a press release released...

World to celebrate 'Red's Carpet Day' today for 'The Angry Birds Movie'

May 6, 2016

To celebrate the imminent release of Columbia Pictures and Rovio Animation’s 3D CG-animated comedy “ The Angry Birds Movie ,” Sony Pictu...

Blue Carpet All Set For Global Premiere Day of 'Smurfs 2' in 162 Cities Worldwide

Jul 28, 2013

Little Blue Smurfs Go Big With More Than 160 Blue Carpet Premieres Worldwide on Same Date To Celebrate Release of “ The Smurfs 2 ” ...

Manila Chosen To Host Asian Premiere Of 'Fast and Furious 6'

May 4, 2013

Event Marks the First time the City will gather Foreign Press to Promote a Hollywood  Movie The Philippines continues to capture Hollywood...

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