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'The Big Short' Enlists Margot, Selena To Explain Complex Concepts

Jan 24, 2016

Because Paramount Pictures' “ The Big Short ” takes place within an industry riddled with obtuse terminology, director Adam McKay kn...

The Big Short - Movie Review

Jan 20, 2016

There is a level of uncertainty as to what ' The Big Short ' really wants to be from its opening scenes. From its very distracti...

Christian Bale Up For Another Oscar With 'The Big Short'

Jan 17, 2016

Christian Bale scored a well-deserved Best Supporting Actor Oscar nomination for his staggering performance as quirky fund manager Mike ...

Brad Pitt Plays Ex-Banker Who Beats The System in 'The Big Short'

Jan 3, 2016

Brad Pitt plays the financial Zen Warrior to investment upstarts Finn Wittrock (“ American Horror Story ”) and John Magaro (“ Orange is ...

Posters Arrive For Cautionary Tale 'The Big Short'

Dec 22, 2015

The international posters for the critically acclaimed satirical comedy “ The Big Short ” has just been released by Paramount Pictures, be...

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