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'Sicario' Battles Today's Swath of Darkest Crimes

Oct 31, 2015

From acclaimed director Denis Villeneuve (“ Prisoners,” “Incendies ”) comes “ Sicario ,” a searing emotional-thriller that descends into th...

Sicario - Movie Review

Oct 31, 2015

' Sicario ' opens up with FBI agents discovering corpses within walls of a drug cartel property, and a big explosion that ensues w...

Oscar-Winner Benicio Del Toro in Gripping Action Thriller 'Sicario'

Sep 28, 2015

Heinous crimes traverse the jagged line of the U.S. and Mexican border in an alarmingly escalating tempo that the intense thrilling action...

Emily Blunt Headlines Male-Dominated Territory in 'Sicario'

Sep 17, 2015

In Mexico, “ Sicario ” means hitman. In the intense, action drama on the fight against drugs, “Sicario,” Golden Globe winner Emily Blunt s...

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