Sicario - Movie Review

Oct 31, 2015
pioneer films'Sicario' opens up with FBI agents discovering corpses within walls of a drug cartel property, and a big explosion that ensues while on their investigation. It's clear that director Denis Villenueve didn't opt for the traditional way of presenting such violence in one scene, because instead of just showing it, he intentionally lets his audience to eat it up now because there's more to go. 

The movie is about an FBI agent enlisted to participate in a drug cartel raid in Mexico. Even after the said mission, the film doesn't feel like holding its breath. There is no redeeming hope to get in 'Sicario', and with that you are literally locked in a scenario you don't feel like spending more time with. And i'm saying it as a compliment, because there is some masterful filmmaking to witness here. Villenueve showed another layer to his already impressive talent in building tension in quieter moments. This movie is already quiet, noticeably with its minimal use of music score, and that sense of quietness adds something to the intensity of the whole play.

Photographed by the brilliant Roger Deakins, the film is visually beautiful and dark. The cinematography really adds more groundedness and grittiness to the film's tension-filled moments. One scene in particular stands out the most, in which Deakins used night vision lenses to shoot the night-time set action piece, was undeniably and surprisingly rad.
pioneer filmsPerformances by the cast were also great. Emily Blunt brings the best performance I have seen from her. Her character was exceptionally-written, as the writers thankfully gave her a strong role who is equally brave and vulnerable. Josh Brolin was also good as always, but it is Benicio Del Toro who steals the three-star show. Del Toro has a really good shot getting an Award nomination here, playing a mysterious "wolf" who was involuntary forced to enter the madness he so spread as a vengeance. 
pioneer films
But even with that many promises, 'Sicario' gave a lackluster plot to latch on to. The movie, honestly, made me check my watch in some cases because of the liberties the filmmakers decided to make instead of something good. But nevertheless, this is a masterful and terrifically-acted film, though this might not be for everyone's go-to viewing. 

The geek rates it 8/10!
'Sicario' is now showing in cinemas nationwide from Pioneer Films!

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