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The 'Avengers: Infinity War' trailer has leaked online

Jul 23, 2017

The first footage of Marvel's ' Avengers: Infinity War ' has leaked online, following its unveiling at this year's Hall-...

'Sicario' Battles Today's Swath of Darkest Crimes

Oct 31, 2015

From acclaimed director Denis Villeneuve (“ Prisoners,” “Incendies ”) comes “ Sicario ,” a searing emotional-thriller that descends into th...

Sicario - Movie Review

Oct 31, 2015

' Sicario ' opens up with FBI agents discovering corpses within walls of a drug cartel property, and a big explosion that ensues w...

Everest - Movie Review

Sep 22, 2015

' Everest ' recounts the struggles of a group of mountaineers in the highest peak of the world. As exciting as it sounds, the movi...

Gangster Squad (Film Review)

Feb 2, 2013

From the director of '30 Minutes or Less' comes Gangster Squad?? Mob films are genuinely one of the most awesome genre and proba...

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