Everest - Movie Review

Sep 22, 2015
everest imax review'Everest' recounts the struggles of a group of mountaineers in the highest peak of the world. As exciting as it sounds, the movie isn't that compelling not until its final 30 minutes. What the filmmakers has accomplished mostly is a tepid narration of men climbing up the Mount Everest. Sure, the movie needs that but it could've been handled in a way it can still convince the audience to pay attention and wait for that chilling finale (no pun intended).
everest imax reviewThe performances were really good. Jason Clarke shines the most and gave the most convincing New Zealand-accent from the rest. Jake Gyllenhaal plays a jocky-ish role that hints at a more complex character that cuts off immediately and never given the chance to explore. Josh Brolin nailed it as well here.

The movie's sloooow pacing bothered me a lot, and kind of get methodical at times until it got at the climax, which is terrifyingly intense and heartbreaking. To my surprise, even with the poor characterization of some key characters in the earlier acts, this ending scene really payed up big time and you started to care for them also. There were also instances wherein you knew there's no chance for fate until you're proved dead wrong.

'Everest' might not be everyone's cup of tea, or just mine because of its unfriendly pacing at the beginning. The real stars of the show being the performances and the climax redeems the tiredness of it.

The geek rates it 6.5/10!

'Everest' is now showing in cinemas nationwide. Also available in 3D, 4DX and IMAX 3D.
everest imax review
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