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Edge of Tomorrow (Film Review)

Jun 2, 2014

Being one of Hollywood's most celebrated actors, Tom Cruise has appeared in quite a number of action films lately. The guy is ultimatel...

Emily Blunt A New Kind Of Female Warrior In 'Edge of Tomorrow'

Jun 2, 2014

A Golden Globe-winning actress whose transformative ability and versatile performances make her one of the most in demand actresses of toda...

Tom Cruise Fights Endless Battle in 'Edge of Tomorrow'

Jun 2, 2014

Tom Cruise finds himself in an endless battle over and over and can succeed only by employing a most implausible strategy: Live. Die. Repea...

'Edge of Tomorrow' Holds Sneak Previews June 2 and 3

Jun 2, 2014

Warner Bros. Pictures' new exhilarating sci-fi thriller “ Edge of Tomorrow ”starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt will have special sneak...

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