Edge of Tomorrow (Film Review)

Jun 2, 2014
Being one of Hollywood's most celebrated actors, Tom Cruise has appeared in quite a number of action films lately. The guy is ultimately invincible --and bulletproof. But have anyone actually remember him dying onscreen? This is what 'Edge of Tomorrow' pokes fun of, a celebration of Tom Cruise getting killed a lot, --and what a joy seeing that guy die repeatedly.

In a 'Groundhog Day'-esque storyline, Cruise plays PR military officer Bill Cage who has no war experience, and simply cannot stand the look of blood. When he is forced to join the combat because of an alien invasion, he is infected with this alien gene (?) that has the ability to get him live on that same day when he dies. Rita Vrataski, also sharing the same experience must help Cage to train over-and-over so he can defeat the alien and save our planet from extinction.

I have to say that this indeed one of the most inventive --if not the best sci-fi movie we have in a very long time. It's a relief seeing this film, along with countless sequels and remakes, because it showed something new to its audiences. And if you might presume, this isn't really 'Groundhog Day' with machine guns, --it's surprisingly more than that. What wonder and joy of 'Groundhog Day' is what became danger and all-out war of 'Edge of Tomorrow'. There's so many things I love in this movie, one of which is the humor.

This has got to be Tom Cruise's meatiest roles to date. Seeing him as a coward turning super soldier as the film progresses is so amazing and it's clear he is fully committed to this role, and also during the film's funniest moments. A guy dying over and over again isn't as fun as you thought you would expect. The quick and sharp editing by James Herbert made the film a lot more enjoyable. If you're afraid the film might turn out as repetitive, well the movie is far beyond that.
Yes, the movie stays at the same day all throughout but you learned something new death-after-death. And this is where the filmmakers have the ability to pull off as much more insights and surprises at every scene. Emily Blunt, plays Rita Vrataski a.k.a. 'Full Metal Bitch' (No kidding.) is bad-ass. She brought the drama and seriousness to an already fun action film --which is a good thing. Bill Paxton, is also fantastic. I really wish the film can extend his character longer because he is one of my favorites here, but oh well. 

The ending is how it should have been, although it just came in very quickly. The action scenes were mindblowing. The war scenes really reminded me of the Ohama beach sequence of 'Saving Private Ryan' all of a sudden. There's a gritty edge to it that made it so intense. I also love the look of those aliens, (why are they called 'mimics' in the first place???) and those mecha-suits.

'Edge of Tomorrow' will please a lot with it's inventive story and action scenes. And certainly something you will watch all over again-and-again-again.

The geek rates it 9.5/10. I have to admit I enjoyed this film a mile more than recent releases like 'Godzilla' and even 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' --so don't dare miss this.

'Edge of Tomorrow' will be shown in Philippine cinemas starting June 5 from Warner Bros. Pictures (Philippines)
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