Inception - Movie Review

Jul 29, 2011
One of Nolan's best...
leonardo dicaprio inception
Inception tells the story of Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio), a specialized corporate spy and thief.

His work consists of secretly, extracting valuable commercial information from the unconscious minds of his targets while they are sleeping and dreaming. Wanted for murder and unable to come home for his children, Cobb is offered a chance to regain his old life as payment for a task considered to be impossible: Inception, the planting of an idea into a target's subconscious.
So, the film is very well done. This was my favorite from Christopher Nolan next to The Dark Knight. If you don't know Chris Nolan, he had done films which turns out to leave you thinking after watching one of his films. Memento was not that tricky but you should also need to think wisely watching it. I love Memento, I guess it was the 3rd Nolan film after Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Chris Nolan has made a lot original films which was dark, tricky, illusive and action-packed.
inception imax
Inception was a well-made film. I love watching films that made you think and that's what I love about it. It's brain-teasing at the same time, it's action-packed. The script and dialogue was alright. The acting is really good.

Leonardo DiCaprio shows his most thrilling and serious side and all I can say to him is he did a great job for this film. Can't wait for him in Clint Eastwood's J. Edgar. Ellen Page did a great performance here. I don't know much that she can act that good. Good job, Ellen. My favorite character in this film, Arthur, portrayed by my favorite actor, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He did an outstanding role here. Almost of my favorite scenes in this film was his scenes. One of them is the iconic rotating hallway scene, I thought that scene was f#@king awesome. When I saw that scene in the trailer, I said this is the film I'm gonna watch this summer. Yeah, I almost watch Inception for about 15 times just to barely see that scene.

Overall, the film is outstanding. Good thing, this film was released in our generation. Good thing, Nolan still making these kind of movies these days. I love Nolan. Without Nolan, people will have no choice to see sh!tty films these days.

The acting is well done. Story and score is awesome. Cinematography, it's ughhmazing. Forgot to mention the IMAX experience. Very well done and worth the money in your wallets. It gives me the vertigo feeling of falling around the cinema and I had a really great time watching this in IMAX.

The geek gave it 9.7/10. Great film. If you're looking for a mind-boggling to see this week, Inception welcomes you.

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