Life is Beautiful - Review

Jul 9, 2011
Life is beautiful stills

'Life is Beautiful' tells the story of Guido, a Jewish officer who was known for being slapstick and humorous. When he and his son Giosue' was imprisoned in a Nazi Camp, Guido do his best to save the life of his son. With the help of his humor, he got to saved his son and also his life. This Italian treasure is an instant classic when it was released way back 1997, and won 3 Oscars at the time.

This is one of those movies that stayed with you, and i'm telling this will sting you under your skin because it's so darn tragic and great. This made me weep a bit, which is a rare thing nowadays but I actually did once the end credits roll. Without spoiling,there's this particular scene where I cried like  a baby. It just went out of nowhere, and its a shocking reveal.

life is beautiful still

Roberto Benigni was so good that he nail a Best Actor win at the Oscars for his role as Guido. There's a balance of humor and seriousness with his character that made him a pleasing presence onscreen. His shared scenes with young actor Giorgio Cantarini was also well-executed.

Overall, the film is brilliant. It deserved the accolades and Oscar wins for this movie. 'Life is Beautfiul' is a constant reminder that despite the tragedies, the losses and heartbreaks, there is still something/ someone that made it worth living for.

The geek rates it 9/10.

life is beautiful poster

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