The Social Network (Film Review)

Jul 17, 2011
Far beyond the most brilliant thing i've ever seen in my life.

Anything will be exactly brilliant in this latest offering by David Fincher, The Social Network. The Social Network tells the story of Mark Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg), a computer geek and blogger. One night, he and his colleagues plans something, why not build a website where everybody meet together and communicate.

They called it theFacebook, it became a tremendous hit in Harvard and other universities. The website turns out revolving on problems by it's founders like suing, betrayal and lawsuits.
The film is the only film that will focus my attention in the past decade. It's so much addicting and it had it's own uniqueness of story. It is very brilliant and I couldn't stop watching the trailer before I watched the film. David Fincher did an extraordinary great job in this film and all I can say is he's my favourite director (of all time).

Jesse Eisenberg did an impressive acting in this film. I hope that he won that Best Actor nomination from the previous Academy Awards. Andrew Garfield also surprises me after seeing him in Never Let Him Go. The scene where he became so angry to Mark Zuckerberg grabs my attention in this film. Also, I am pretty much looking forward to him in The Amazing Spiderman next year because he 's an overrated competitive actor. Justin Timberlake surprises me much in this film. He can clearly deliver his lines easily and I hate him here.

jesse eisenberg mark zuckerberg
The cinematography in this film is outstanding. Jeff Cronenweth, thanks to you. Trez Reznor, I really love his music in the film. His music clearly makes the film change it's tone. The Social Network is my favorite film and it grabs my attention to become a filmmaker soon.

I have it on DVD and i'm still planning to buy the 2-Disc Special Edition if I find some at stores. I'll give it a 9 out of 10. For now, why not check the trailer of The Social Network:
the social network poster

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