Sucker Punch - Movie Review

Aug 20, 2011
Best from Zack Snyder? I don't think so..
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Sucker Punch tells the story of a young girl, who is institutionalized by her abusive stepfather. Retreating to an alternate reality as a coping strategy, she envisions a plan which help her escape from the mental facility.

Despite of having negative reviews, Sucker Punch is still an enjoyable film. I have seen this with my brother and my dad in IMAX Mall Of Asia and I guess it's alright even if you watch it on the regular screen. The film is kinda lame to watch. I found it kinda good and bad-ass but I thought this film was not my thing. The visuals is great in this film. The acting is, okay, it's fine but very wrong choice of actresses.

Emily Browning is very awkward in this film. I found her very hot and sexy that I come out to the point that I was not following the story anymore. She's very silent and all I can say is she still did a great job in this film. Abbie Cornish did the same here. I loved her more in Limitless and she did a total transformation here. She becomes a lot more worse. Oscar Isaac, wow, he did a very awesome and a scary villain here. He is perfect for a role like this but doesn't even made this kind of performance in Drive, which was disappointing. I love his character more than the ladies even he is a villain. More power to you, Oscar!

Overall, the film is still enjoyable to watch. You will be fascinated with the visuals same as I here and it's good recommendation for action-die hard fans. Very moving soundtrack. Very brilliant cover by Emily Browning. She has a very incredible voice. Fine cinematography but I found the Snyder's slow motion in fight scenes where not recommendable to use in a kind of film like this.
sucker punch sexy
Good visuals. Fine film. Fine cinematography. Good performances. Fine action scenes. I hope Zack Snyder will not disappoint me again in the forthcoming Man Of Steel and 300: Battle Of Artemisia.  I would advise everyone to just rent it rather than wasting your money on this.

The geek rates it 5.6/10. Oscar Isaac helps improve this film. Completely bad acting from the casts.

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