Glee! The 3D Concert Movie - Movie Review

Sep 19, 2011
Another 3D gimmick gone so bad!?!
glee 3d movie review

So, another concert film in 3D. The 3D gimmick once again returns after Justin Bieber's concert 3D film, Never Say Never. So, Glee 3D has definitely no story. It's just a documentary of Glee Live! Concert last summer 2011.

The music, songs and choreography normally makes you sing or even dance. The 3D, very unnecessary. Why would they go release it also in 2D. It isn't not so bad. Oh, okay, by the way, the reason they making this film in 3D is because of: 1)Greediness, I hate it, These greediness normally start with Michael Bay. He makes many crappy action films just to earn millions or billions of dollars. 2) For entertainment, oh okay, this film is a concert film, nobody cares with the 3D by the way, all that cares is the music. and lastly 3) Gimmick, well U23D is, I think started it all. Millions of dollars was grossed for the 3D flick, so it's time for Miley Cyrus, The Jonas Brothers and Justin Bieber to take on the phenomenon, which unfortunately, turns out, bad. Glee, the series, I truly love it.

glee 3d movie review

Not as a fan, I just truly appreciate it, I love the twists and turns of the characters, music, etc. Since it has now reached it's third season, I can't wait, or should I called it, 'The Climatic Season'. You will love the film so good, fan or not, you will love it! By the way, if you know Heather Morris' (Brittany Pearce from Glee) performance of Britney Spears' I'm a Slave 4 You, now that's super-sizzling HOT!!

Great performances. Awesome performance. Hot Heather Morris. Fine 3D.

The geek rates it 6.2/10. My only problem with this one is that the cast used to portray their Glee characters.

glee 3d movie poster review

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