My Bloody Valentine 3D - Movie Review

Sep 16, 2011
Another piece of 80s remake gone 3D.

my bloody valentine 3d review

My Bloody Valentine 3D tells the story, normally a follow-up story from the 80s slasher-horror/suspense genre classic, My Bloody Valentine, of an unknown killer on the loose. Partcularly known as Harry Warden, whose awake from an coma during Valentine's Day, brutally killed 22 people with a pickax before killing himself. Years after, another killer is on the loose, thought it was Warden returned from the dead. They were all wrong, mysteries and murders unravels in this 3D flick.

The film is very lame kind of bit. Bit a little clever at the same time. I personally hate the 3D. I hate why this film is made in 3D. It just distracts the film a bit. If you really want an awesome experience is just watch it in 2D. I watch this film in 2D 5 times before watching this in my 3D DVD.

Jensen Ackles kinda suck in this film as much as I expect. His acting was pretty bad and Jensen, you just lost an Supernatural fan. Jaime King, wow, she's kinda good here. I love her acting here. I love how I feel her scareness and nervousness in this film.

Overall, the film turned out to be a still good horror flick. You can enjoy it watching with your friends or maybe with your family? This film will thrill you in every scene. You will somewhat enjoy the twist in the end of the film. You will not again enjoy the 3D.

jensen ackles my bloody valentine review 3d

Very Lame 3D. Fine story. Lame soundtrack. Fine ending. Fine use of cliches. Fine cinematography. Fine performance. Awesome scares/ thrills.

The geek rates it 6.4/10. Good film. But again, you will surely not enjoy this in 3D.

my bloody valentine 3d poster

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