Robinsons Movieworlds Now Offers Online Booking; Watch Your Movies Without the Lines!!!

Sep 15, 2011
We all love watching movies at the cinema, don't we? But what we hate are those lines we must get through just to purchase movie tickets. And boy, those long lines at the ticket counter can be stressful.

Now, Robinson's Movieworld introduces their brand new way of seeing your anticipated films without the hassle of lining up. All you need is your computer and a single click!
robinsons movieworld tickets
Hassle-free and surely will make you smile before and after seeing a film.

To buy your tickets:
1) Simply go to Robinsons Movieworld's site.

2) Pick your cinema and movie.

3) Choose your desired number of seats, then proceed to your payment method.

4) Click "Purchase", and you're good to go!

For inquiries, go to their Facebook page and the Robinsons Movieworld branches nationwide!


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