The Hangover Part II (Film Review)

Sep 16, 2011
The Wolfpack returns for a wilder night.

The sequel of the 2009 classic, The Hangover. The Hangover Part II tell the 'a more wilder' story of you-know-who, The Wolfpack, who comes to Bangkok for Stu's wedding. Sharing shots of beer another time, the insanity does comes with the Wolfpack again, Bangkok-Style.

The sequel, is still the same as the first one, but this is a little more naughtier. There's so much to expect for this one, including Chow, the Chinese mob, which pretty much set the tone of this movie. The monkey, can't tell you the secret of this one, if you haven't seen the film, it will surely surprise everyone. Anything, most of the scenes in this film is predictable, just looks like a copy from the first one.

Zack Galifianakis, why?!? His acting really change in this sequel. Really hate his acting here. He's not that funny anymore, but it's still fine. Ed Helms has changed a whole lot in this film. Most of the funny dialogues are his lines which was good because this film is the time for him to become a really funnier comedian. I love his acting here. Ken Jeong is very great in this film. I love his character and what I really love about him in this film is that he becomes even more funnier.

Todd Philips did a fine job in this film. He should made a better sequel of this film where the story was not that same with the first one. I can't still wait for his upcoming teen comedy, Project X next year and hopefully  a decent Hangover sequel.
Fine performance. Disappointing plot and story. Fine direction. Fine script. Fine cinematography. Awesome cameo from Mike Tyson and the monkey. And a very awesome Post-Credits scene.

The geek rates it 5.7/10. Well, it will be out in stores by December, so I pretty much buying this on Blu-Ray or in just regular DVD.

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