Horrible Bosses (Film Review)

Oct 5, 2011
Another R-Rated comedy you surely can't miss.

So, Horrible Bosses tells the story of three unlikely friends, Nick Hendricks (Bateman), Dale Arbus (Day) and Kurt Buckman (Sudeikis) which conspires and plans to murder their abusive bosses, Dave Harken (Spacey), Dr. Julia Davis (Aniston) and Bobby Pellitt (Farrell) when they realize they are standing in the way of their happiness. The film is the latest black comedy by Seth Gordon. The film was premiered last Sept. 21, 2011 in Philippines.

So, I love the film so much. The thing with the murder plot to their bosses made me so much curious about the film. The script is a little bit lacking to me, but the jokes crack me up so much. The scenes between Jennifer Aniston and Charlie Day is the real deal. Their so much fun together but i'm hoping that they would do a movie together.

About the acting, first, the bosses, for Kevin Spacey, what I love about him is that he is both scary and a little bit funny at the same time. He quite uses the strict acting which we can see in films like Superman Returns or 21, which was so scary a bit. To Colin Farrell, I didn't recognized that he was more better if he does comedies rather than action films. His acting is unexpectedly funny. To Jenniffer Aniston, what I hate about her is he does the same acting in almost all of her movies. I love her acting but she's was not that what I expect in this movie. Now to the heroes, first to Jason Bateman, he doesn't need to be in a comedy like this. I do much prefer is he is in dramas, not comedies. For his acting, it's an average to me but he's not also what I expect. To Jason Sudeikis, I don't seen that much of his acting in this film, so no comment for him. To Day, he is the most funniest actor (for me) in this film. He is madly crazy in this film, for me, he topnotched the film.

Very funny dialogue. Great acting. Awesome plot. Fine cinematography.

The geek rates it 8.5/10. You should not miss this film so, go see it now.

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