30 Minutes Or Less (Film Review)

Oct 28, 2011
An interesting comedy accompanied with a powerhouse cast.

30 Minutes Or Less tells the story of Nick (Jesse Eisenberg), a simple, sorta-nerdy pizza delivery guy who always gets trouble completing the '30 Minutes Or Less' policy. When Nick delivers a pizza to two fledging criminals, the two costumers strapped a bomb on his chest, and forced to rob a bank or be die-trying.

First of all, I love this film and I couldn't stop smiling until the end credits while watching the film. Reuben Fleischer pretty does the film motivating but Zombieland just doesn't beat my expectation of the film. The plot was interesting and I hope you can watch it as early as so.

Jesse Eisenberg might just give a good comedic performance in Zombieland but I love him more in this one. Giving him a recognition in The Social Network is a well deserve same as in this one. Aziz Ansari is one of my favorite comedians especially when he's in Judd Apatow. He does a great acting in this one but someday I wanna see him more focused and serious in these kind of role. Danny McBride and Nick Swardson also did a great job in this film and Michael Peña did a great villain here.
The film is based on an unintenionally, surprising true story. The news reported that Brian Douglas Wells, a pizza delivery who was killed by an bomb strapped on his neck. Brian did also rob a bank like Nick used to do in the film. According to Wikipedia, the cast and crew of the film claimed to have no prior incident to the incident, although the screenwriters admitted to being 'vaguely aware' of it.

Fine Acting. Good Dialogue. Interesting plot. I am planning to buy it on Blu-Ray and I hope you can also see it still in cinemas. 

The geek rates it 6.5/10. 

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