Fight Club (Film Review)

Nov 9, 2011
Three words. Confusing yet awesome.
Fightb Club tells the story of the Narrator (Edward Norton), an hardworking worker who is suffering from Insomnia. Meanwhile, while on a flight, he met Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt). The two became great friends and finds their happiness fighting and wrestling each other until they came up with an hide group which they call Fight Club. Mysteries and shocking twists will be unraveled throughout the club and in the life of the Narrator.

Fight Club is one of the best example of a perfect-pitched, brain-teasing, funny movie which everyone can find enjoyable to watch. This is the fourth Fincher film I watched and all I can say is he make a remarkable portrait of an fantastic story. I haven't read the book so if I could find some copy, I will read it immediately. The film has none of those dumb cliches that we normally see in a typical film. The story is very unique and that's how I guess it became an cult classic.

Edward Norton was bad-ass in this film. The scene where he used to hurt himself is one of my favorites in this film and there also I realized he is one of an aspiring actor. Same as Brad Pitt, he is different in this film unlike his mature roles in The Tree Of Life and Troy. Jared Leto made an interesting, unbelievable cameo in this film. I was surprised because I don't know he can act like that and I normally see him performing as an vocalist in 30 Seconds To Mars. Helena Bonham Carter always looks dark and dirty in her roles which made her a little awkward and I hope to see her in a different, neat role someday.
Overall, it was awesome and funny and brutal and cool and brilliant. All elements in this film was nearly perfect in this film, the performance, direction, soundtrack, visuals, and cinematography.

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