Review: ‘A Quiet Place’ is atmospheric horror at best

Apr 17, 2018
a quiet place review

It's overwhelming how the horror genre has continuously offer out-of-the-box content with innovative control in recent years. Films such as 'Get Out,' 'The Babadook,' and most recently, 'It Comes At Night' are evidences on the genre's step-up to a more creative field of cinema. John Krasinski directs and stars in what may become a solid contribution to this growing list, 'A Quiet Place.'

The film observes a family struggling to live in a post-apocalyptic environment. A mysterious creature lurks around and instantly kills those who makes a sound. Under the pressure of keeping up with a restraint lifestyle, they are met with even more challenging facets once uncontrolled noises start to emerge. 

a quiet place review

'A Quiet Place' sells itself on the idea of becoming an anti-jump scare horror film. A lot of films under this genre has become dependent on incorporating jump scare sound bytes in order to exhume tension or reaction from the audience. While being effective under precise application, the trend has grew tirelessly, and served as a lame excuse to keep up with the conventions. Silence is the main selling point of this film, which makes up for some impressive atmosphere building. The film demands the characters to keep quiet, and to the audience as well. Here is a film that wants to immerse you more than to react. It also seems the reaction itself is being on-board fully with its 100-minute running time. 

The film never interfere to establish its world. It begins 80+ days after an event we were never able to discover, focusing itself immediately to a family led by Krasinski and Emily Blunt, resulting to a more personal journey of survival. Krasinkski mentioned in an interview that 'A Quiet Place' is more of a family movie than a horror film. This is true considering how the film banks on the character's personal quests, and not necessarily on them struggling on the scares. The investment of so much time and space for such personal moments is what made this film so deeply emotional. On that note, the filmmakers made it easier to actually create the tension for them since there's an established investment also on the audience for these people on-screen. 

a quiet place review

'A Quiet Place' is atmospheric horror at best. It lingers, immerses, and all of a sudden, emotionally affects you. Not many horror or films in general effectively pulls you in to do something for them. This is quite an experience worthy of a discussion of its own in the context of the horror film 

'A Quiet Place' is now showing in cinemas nationwide!

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