Full Metal Jacket - Movie Review

Nov 26, 2011
full metal jacket review

Basically, Full Metal Jacket is a two-segment story that follows young men from the start of recruit training in the marine corps to the lethal cauldron known as Vietnam. The first segment follows Joker, Pyle and others as they progress through the hell of USMC boot-camp at the hands of the colorful, foul-mouthed Gunnery Sergeant Hartman. The second begins in Vietnam near Hue, at the time of the Tet Offensive. Joker, along with Animal Mother, Rafterman and others, face threats such as ambush, booby traps, and Viet Cong snipers as they move through the city. The film once again bring to life by Stanley Kubrick. It is based on the 1979 novel, The Short-Timers by Gustav Hasford.

So, before I begin, I would like to honor this review to Stanley Kubrick, whom I thought was one of the most brilliant filmmaker I have seen. He's been an inspiration to me in writing reviews or even to become a filmmaker someday. So, yeah, Rest In Peace Stanley Kubrick. I hope you made more films than I ever thought. Thanks for the inspiration and hardwork Stanley!

Okay, Full Metal Jacket is one of the best war film ever made. In my opinion, this is much better than Saving Private Ryan. This is much more artistic than all the war films you might have watched, so action film fans, you have yourself a film to watch this weekend. The plenty amount of action is really tied up and it will leave you breathless at the edge of your seats. The use of retro 50s music is very effective, it actually made the film even more witty and enjoyable to watch. The acting, is really awesome and a well-done.
full metal jacket review
Matthew Modine did his role very serious and some kind of energetic. He is very fit for a role of a Marine Corp and I love how he continue portraying it in his other films. Adam Baldwin also did a more intense and a much more cooler role in this film. He is currently credited as John Casey in Chuck which I thought the best comedy series. I love how Adam acts here and I found him also really awesome. And lastly, Vincent D'Onofrio, which brings up the heat and intensity in this film. He had only like 25-30 minute screenshots in this film which disappoints me a bit. I want more scenes of him in this film but it's totally fine with me. I love the scene where he was turned into a crazy psychopath (I guess) and he kills another Sgt., I thought that was kinda tough to watch and it's very serious and scary.

While watching the film, I found out that John Alcott wasn't credited as the cinematography. I was really surprised to see Alcott not being the cinematographer. All I can say that without Alcott, Kubrick films can be impressive like this. I really love the cinematography in all of Kubrick's films. Kubrick films was really creative that you feel that you're almost watching a painting. So, great job FMJ cinematographer, or also known as Douglas Milsome.

Overall, Full Metal Jacket was artistic in a way Kubrick films are supposed to be. It's very creative and I guess all viewers out there will surely be impressed with this one. The dialogue was very good and very edgy. I love how this film was changing it's genre in every scene and I found it pretty impressive and well-done. So, to end, this is the second Kubrick film I have seen. If you haven't or have seen his iconic masterpiece, A Clockwork Orange, click the link below..

The geek gave it an 8.8/10. Very impressive and creative film. If you haven't seen this one go see it this weekend.

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