Drive (Film Review)

Nov 17, 2011
There's nothing more to expect after watching this latest Ryan Gosling action film, Drive.

Well, Drive centers around a man only known as Driver (Ryan Gosling), who by day, drives car for Hollywood action movies and by night, a getaway for criminals. I don't like to spoil anything so, he signed a deal with a leader (Albert Brooks) putting Driver in a heist gone wrong that will embrace you in the next 30-40 minutes or so.
Drive is those films what i've been looking for a very long time. This type of film will really leave you with curiousity once you saw the trailer. I've seen it last night at Greenbelt 3 and I couldn't stop thinking about it still today. The movie haunts me and all I can say is it's an absolute MASTERPIECE. The movie is one hell out of an action film. The soundtrack is ughhh (Don't ask me, i would say that it's really addicting and it is to die for). Yeah, the soundtrack is addicting (i'm currently listening it right away) and it automatically gives you a typical retro 80s mood with matching 21st century music.

As unexpected, Ryan Gosling did an outstanding performance that is currently heading to an Oscar-buzz. What I like about him in this film is that he's f**king scary and awesome. I almost love his character in this film and i'm totally hoping he would do the same in his upcoming roles. Carrey Mulligan had some few minute screenshots in the film but she's adorable and great. Albert Brooks, hell yeah. He did an awesome, scary, haunting, disturbing villain here. Brooks might be too old for a role like this but surprisingly, he did an incredible performance that will jaw-dropped you.
Nicholas Winding Refn is one of those visual filmmakers around in our generation that is surely leading to Best Director in the 84th Academy Awards. He is ughh fantastic and brilliant and visionary and awesome. He perfectly did what I almost anticipate and expect in this film. The visuals is awesome. Same to the cinematography of the movie, which made me fell in love in the film. Cheers to you cinematographer, I didn't know your name and if you're reading this, you almost made the film outstanding.

Overall, I love this film. It's embracing and you can still catch this film up in Trinoma and Greenbelt 3. It's on it's own 2nd week and this film is a not-miss. I love almost all elements in this film and i'm looking forward to it on DVD or Blu-Ray.

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