The Dark Knight Rises Prologue (Review)

Dec 17, 2011
At last, I have seen it..

Before we begin this review, if you haven't seen the prologue, I recommend you to leave this page before I spoil you the prologue. Anyways, I have seen the prologue earlier this afternoon and I find it a little bit lacking and still awesome. 

The prologue basically starts where Bane was like kidnapped by a group of agents or something (I don't know). So there on, the action heats up when Bane's allies enters the plane where Bane was on,  and helps Bane escape. Just like the prologue of The Dark Knight, it was a heist getaway scene where the villains are introduced with a blast. So, from there, scenes from the film are seen and it complete glimpse of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Anne Hathaway and Marion Cottillard. 

The prologue, obviously, is awesome. I was jaw-dropped when I saw the teaser now, my jaws are still on the floor when I seen it. This will I think the last Batman news I will be posting this year so, I guess I can't totally wait to review the whole film, which I was going to see in IMAX. 

The actions, I was mind-blown and the airplaine heist is very unique and i guess you didn't see anything like it before. So yeah, I guess I'll be back to review the upcoming full-length trailer of the film, so.

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