Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol (Film Review)

Dec 16, 2011
2012 is coming very near. For now, why not watch a dose of Tom Cruise action.

The Kremlin has been bombed, and the blame has fallen on the IMF. As a result, the president initiates Ghost Protocol, and accuses Ethan Hunt and his team of placing the bomb in an attempt to incite a global nuclear war. Now, in order to clear the IMF of terrorism charges, Ethan assembles a new team to uncover the truth by using every high-tech trick in the book. But this time they're on their own, and should they be caught, the entire world could be plunged into a nightmare from which there is no waking up.

After 6 months of waiting to see the fourth installment of the Mission: Impossible franchise, we get to chance to see the Cruise flick in IMAX cinema in SM North Edsa. You should watch this film, we enjoyed the film a lot which had tons of mind-blowing action and just an interesting dialogue.

Brad Bird, who was known for being Pixar's Oscar-Winning Director, took the job to direct the fourth installment. Surprisingly, this film had to be Brad's first live-action film, which turns out to be very effective and I hope Brad could make more live-action films someday. The performances and acting in this film is fine but Simon Pegg laugh the out of me. 

Tom Cruise did well in this film. He was very amazing in every action scene and all I can say is he did an awesome job in the Burj Khalifa scene. Jeremy Renner also did an unexpected good performance in this film. Also, he's a funny actor and that's what I love about him in this film. Simon Pegg, who turns out to be my favorite English actor. He was very funny and witty in a lot of the scenes in the movie and, this film would not become enjoyable without Pegg. Forgot to mention Paula Patton. Who was also bad-ass in this movie, is very attractive and kinda hot.
The IMAX experience is a jaw-dropping experience for us. I was mind-blown in the IMAX sequence that Tom Cruise just climbs and jumps out in Burj Khalifa. If you had been suffering Arcrophobia (fear of heights) just like me, I don't know what to say. So, if you're planning to see MI4 this week, and if you really want the best experience of the film, IMAX is the special place to see it. I'm planning to see it again in IMAX after Christmas so, I can't wait to see it again.

The soundtrack of the film is very useful to some action scenes. I love the fact that they used the original theme of the TV series in the opening credits, which was, obviously, looks awesome in IMAX. The dialogue and the script, are well done. Performances, awesome and well-done. The direction from Brad Bird, surprisingly good. The action scenes, I was totally jaw-dropped. The IMAX experience, well it totally fits for a movie like this.

This Christmas, i'm planning to buy the first three films on DVD, and can't wait to re-watch it again in IMAX.

The geek rates it 8.6/10. Totally, the best film to catch up this year, rather than the local MMFF entries.

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