Rocky - Anthology Review

Jan 14, 2012
rocky anthology review
Rocky, in itself is a success story on and off-screen. The iconic character, introduced in 1976, was written by an unknown actor Sylvester Stallone inspired by real-life boxer, Rocky Marciano. But the script wasn't really about Marciano but of Stallone, whose struggles and hardships early on his career mirrors the facets of the character Rocky Balboa. It literally took him a few days to finish a 100+ page manuscript, which was forwarded to United Artists Pictures, and greenlighted the project. 

The concept of a Rocky movie was originally not made to star Stallone but another actor, only to realize that he really fits well because it's really his story after all. 

The film, won 3 Academy Awards, including Best Picture and a box-office smash. A sequel was made, which also do well financially. But the legacy of Rocky doesn't stop there, 4 more sequels rose up to follow the success of the first two installments, which turns out fine and receive fair ratings by critics. 

Rocky Balboa is an uneducated, club boxer who later gets the shot at the World Heavy-Weight Championship by defeating the undefeated Apollo Creed.
rocky review
Rocky is definitely one of the best sports film ever made. Stallone alone made me is very natural with his acting and his script was terrific. The rags-to-riches story might sound predictable but the heart of the character will won you over easily. The cinematography was great for a low-budget film like this, and that iconic score by Bill Conti during the training montage, fan-freaking-tastic. 9.4/10.

Rocky II
After the Creed-Balboa fight, Apollo Creed decided to have a rematch with Rocky. A more vicious and stronger Creed awaits Balboa in this much-awaited rematch.
rocky 2 review
This film is a very good continuation to the brilliant boxing movie. This film is not that emotional compared to its predecessor. The boxing scenes were more enhanced and choreographed better, making it seem more real. But the real star here is Talia Shire (Portrayed Rocky's wife, Adrian), who proved that she can act really well. For this Stallone directorial debut, i'll give it an 8.4/10.

Rocky III

Rocky wins the rematch and was Philadelphia's new hero. Now, Rocky must fight Clubber Lang, a desperate boxer who dares to steal Balboa's title. Apollo Creed, Balboa's fellow boxer, trains and coaches him to defeat the undefeated. 
rocky 3 review
After Rocky II, this film has no more better story to tell. *SPOILERS* Rocky's closest friend, Mickey, passed away in this film, which I have to confess always got me every time. The transition of Rocky and Apollo Creed's relationship from hating each other to close friends, was handled perfectly. Mr. T, as the vicious Clubber Lang, was good here. Also, i'll give credit to Burgess Meredith (Portrayed Mickey Goldmill, Rocky's manager), who made an incredible performance and a remarkable character in the film. 7.9/10.

Rocky IV

After the Lang-Balboa fight, it is now Apollo's turn to defeat the Russian Soviet boxer, Ivan Drago. During the fight, Creed was comatose and died. Now, Rocky must fight the Russian boxer as an payback for the death of Apollo Creed.
rocky 4 review
This is my least favorite Rocky movie (In fact, I didn't like it at all). The grounded aspect of this franchise was starting to tremble, and not much emotional pull was given unlike the other films. The acting is terrible and the Russian boxer, was the most dull boxer I have ever seen on film. The score is also lame, they hired another composer but, I'm pretty sure Conti will work it out very well if he get the chance to become the composer in the film. 6.1/10.

Rocky V

Rocky decided to retire, and was totally bankrupt. Tommy Gunn, a fan, approaches Balboa and asks if he can train and manage him. The  Gunn-Balboa team-up became successful. But, will Gunn and Balboa stay the same forever?
rocky 5 review
The film has made a great comeback for a well-made Rocky film. Even though this film doesn't focus much on boxing, this film succeed focusing on the deep and emotional side of Rocky and his son. The acting was fine and the story itself is, what Rocky ought to be. 8.2/10

Rocky Balboa

Rocky is in his late fifties and is living on his life alone after the sudden death of his beloved wife, Adrian. Rocky made a shocking comeback and tries to defeat another undefeated champion, Mason Daxon. Will Rocky get his title back? Will he get the trust of his son back?
rocky balboa review
Rocky Balboa is just like a remake of the first Rocky movie. It has the same plot. It has the exact same ending. But this is less emotional. And surprisingly, it also brings back some characters in the first film like Spider Rico. It also brings back Bill Conti, to score the final film. It is not a feel-good but a feel-sad movie. My only problem in this film is that it duplicates some of the iconic scenes of the previous films. Why didn't they make it a little bit original? 7.3/10.

The whole Rocky series is a must-see. I was shocked and surprised in what Stallone does here as Rocky. He's not a gun-totting Rambo but a very human character which made him more relatable. It’s just him being himself. Rocky has been and will always be Stallone’s breakout series. I really wish he'd do more drama than action. 

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