50/50 (Film Review)

Mar 24, 2012
Cancer is not funny? Or is it?

50/50 pays homage to it's screenwriter Will Reiser and his early days as an cancer victim. Portraying Reiser here is Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who did an uplifting performance in this film. Adam, a 27-year old radio program writer consults to a doctor about his back pain and gets a terrible diagnosis - a rare form of cancer that's fatal half the time. He goes to chemotheraphy and is helped by the 24-year old therapist Katherine. Along the treatment, Adam finds more about the feelings of his girlfriend Rachael, his bestfriend Kyle, Katherine and realizes how much his mother loves him.

50/50 is one of the best comedies I have seen so far. It balances drama perfectly with unexpected humor and comedy. I had a fun time watching this film, plus, it's very heartfelt and touching to see a man's sacrifice through his cancer days. I feel very sad and thank God Seth Rogen is here to bring the heat to this movie. It's a mood-changer movie, so I don't really know if I will cry in this movie or what? Anyways, 50/50 succeed on what I'm really expecting for a comedy-drama. It has the brilliant script by Will Reiser accompanied by the all-star cast including Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen, Anna Kendrick and Angelica Huston.

The performances are stand-out in this film. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, I know he will surely perfected this role and yeah, he nailed it. His performance as Adam is very surprising. He almost show what he's got in this film.   He's deeply showing his emotional, at the same time, his inner-joker side. Not to forget my all-time favorite comedian, Seth Rogen. He's funny as hell in this film. I won't spoil to much the film itself but there is a scene where Kyle (Rogen), saw Adam's girlfriend cheating on her in a exhibit. Kyle goes to Adam's house and talk  about the incident, then Rachael came and there the insanity start to heat up. I had a really great time watching Rogen do some stupid stuffs, but the one's lacking him here is the emotional scene. It would be very heartfelt if Rogen would've cry just once that will show him his love for his bestfriend. Further more, Angelica Huston did a really great performance portraying as a mother and Anna Kendrick as Adam's therapist.
The film may failed winning several awards but 50/50 will surely become one of the best comedy-drama ever made. It is very dramatic, at the same time will give you laughs a bit. It has the best performance so far by Rogen. The plot is compelling as it is.

The geek rates it 8.1/10. If you love comedy or a little bit of drama, this film will surely gonna enjoy the hell out of you in 2 hours. Well, that's it for now, i'll be back for my review of the highly anticipated adaptation of the bestselling Collin book, The Hunger Games.

For now, why not check the trailer for 50/50:

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