2001: A Space Odyssey - Movie Review

Apr 4, 2012
2001 a space odyssey explained
2001: A Space Odyssey tackles the countdown to tomorrow, a road map to human destiny and a quest for the infinite. When the world is ruled by apes, one particular group discovers a mysterious rectangular monolith near their home, which imparts upon them the knowledge of tool use, and enables them to evolve into people. A similar monolith is discover on the moon. and is determined to have come from an area near Jupiter.

Astronaut Dave Bowman, along with four companions, sets off for Jupiter on a spaceship controlled by HAL (Heuristically programmed ALgorithmic computer) 9000, a revolutionary computer system that is every bit humankind's equal - and perhaps it's superior. When HAL endagers the crews' lives for the sake of the mission, Bowman will have to first overcome the computer, then travel to the birthplace of the monolith.

If you had been reading my previous Stanley Kubrick film reviews, you might seen that Kubrick is my all-time favorite director. Not Nolan or Spielberg, Kubrick will and always be my favorite. A Clockwork Orange inspires me to watch other Stanley Kubrick. I may not have watch all of those films, but I was captivated by this film, 2001: A Space Odyssey. 

I was looking for a list of classic movies in Rotten Tomatoes because I was bored and just watch movies. Until I saw this film, which was known to be 'the grandest of all science-fiction movies'. I say, I should see this film. I ordered a copy of this film in DVD until I saw the film for the first time.

2001 a space odyssey explainedThe first time I saw this film, I didn't quite get the story especially the ending, which confuses me so much. So I re-watch the film again and again until I get the point of the movie. Speaking of the ending, Stanley Kubrick intended to make our own different opinion on the ending so, I will described my personal theory on the ending. 

2001: A Space Odyssey is a brilliantly-made film without much of the dialogue. It might be not the best Sci-Fi film but I actually impressed by the film. The dialogue was used in like 20 minutes of the movie but the behavior of the actors is really well-done. The first part of the film, which featured the evolution of man, is mind-blowing. I couldn't believe and I was jaw-dropped in that part because it is one of the key points of the film.

About the ending, well, this might be a little tricky, is the part of the film which I don't quite sure I get. The ending will surely widen your eyes and leave you with a lot of curiosity. I guess it's about the next step to our evolution, the star child. But how did it happened? The apes in the first part of the movie saw this monolith, when they saw the monolith, strange things happened to them, they learned how to defend themselves. Of course they became the humans which are present today. Reports says that a monolith has been seen in the Clavius. I don't want to spoil more further but if you're interested in watching the best sci-fi movie ever made, I suggest you to use your  brains.
2001 a space odyssey explained
The visuals is dazzling. I know the effects used in this film is easy to do nowadays, I thought it was generally spectacular in their time, also in our time. The space scenes, oh, it's just beautiful. The stargate sequences, brilliant as ever. And the use of classical music, just works in all parts of the movie.

Overall, 2001 is a slow-paced, brain teasing venture by Stanley Kubrick. It might be confusing but if you go more further with the film, you will learn how brilliant this film is. The visuals and soundtrack is dazzling and beautiful.

The geek rates it 8.7/10. I will be posting my review of The Shining and Dr. Strangelove, you better catch that one.

For now, why not check a scene in 2001: A Space Odyssey:

2001 a space odyssey poster


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