Rocky (Film Review)

Apr 11, 2012
His whole life was a million-to-one shot.

Rocky Balboa is a small-time boxer who lives in an apartment in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and his career has so far not gotten off the canvas. Rocky earns a living by collecting debts for a loan shark named Gazzo, but Gazzo doesn't think Rocky has the viciousness it takes to beat up deadbeats. Rocky still boxes every once in a while to keep his boxing skills sharp, and his ex-trainer, Mickey, believes he could've made it to the top if he was willing to work for it. Rocky, always goes to pet store, where he met a young woman named Adrian, who is extremely shy, with no ability to talk to men. Rocky befriends her. 

Adrian later surprised Rocky with a dog from the pet shop that Rocky  had befriended. Adrian's brother Paulie, who works for a meat company, is thrilled that someone has become interested in Adrian, and Adrian spends Thanksgiving with Rocky. The two became lovers.  Meanwhile, current World Heavyweight boxing chanpion Apollo Creed comes up with the idea of giving an unknown a shot at the title. Apollo checks out the Philadelphia boxing scene, and chooses Rocky. Fight promoter Jergens gets things in gear, and Rocky starts training with Mickey. After a lot of training, Rocky is ready for the match, and he wants to prove that he can go the distance with Apollo.

Rocky is easily one of my favorite film. It has the all elements a sports movie should have: the right amount of drama, an inspiring story, and a credible acting by all actors. I'm a big fan of the whole saga which I made a review. I remember watching this film for the first time when i'm 7 years old. I was captivated watching the fight scenes between Rocky and Apollo, and the iconic training scene of Rocky.

What I loved also in this film is it's brilliant acting by all actors. Sylvester Stallone did a  tremendous acting as 'The Italian Stallion'. I never really expect him to be a good actor due to most of his crappy  movies, but him in this, you will be surprised. You will surely not expect him to do a lot more drama rather than the fight scene. Talia Shire is also good in this film, but I do prefer her acting more in the later films. Burt Young also did a great job as Rocky's trainer, Mickey. Carl Weathers did a fine job as Apollo Creed.

The boxing scenes in this film is well-choreographed and makes you feel like it's a real boxing match. The cinematography is well-done. I didn't expect much of the cinematography in this film, but when the training montage hits our screen, I thought it was beautiful. It creates a good presentation to Philadelphia and at the same time, it made me feel good.

This movie is much of a drama rather than a sports movie. It is a well-done feel-good sports drama. Whenever Rocky became famous to the face of the streets of Philadelphia, it actually made you feel good. You can relate much and you notice the paths and problems of this broke debt collector to a a crowd-loved boxer.

Overall, this film has the good acting. Good cinematography. Awesome plot. And a theme well made by Bill Conti. It will surely made you feel good, inspired and amazed to what Sly Stallone has to present to you all.

The geek rates it 9.4/10. I will be back for my review of another sports drama, Moneyball.


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