The Shining - Movie Review

Apr 7, 2012
Heeeeeeeeere's Johnny.
the shining review

The Shining tackles on Jack Torrance, a novelist, who took a job as winter caretaker of the isolated, old,6 huge and beautiful Overlook Hotel. In the interview, Jack is told by the manager himself, that the previous caretaker - Grady, chopped his family and the later killed himself with a shotgun. Ignoring the story, Jack brings his wife - Wendy and his son Danny. It happens that Danny, has a mysterious power known as 'The Shining' that shows him things from the past and future.

Some of the visions come from Tony - 'the little boy who lives in Danny's mouth'. Danny meets Hallorann - the hotel cook in their first day arriving at the Overlook, who also has this 'Shining' and he warns him about the hotel and the sinister Room 237. As the days go by, Danny has visions of previous guests and employees who died  at the hotel years before, meanwhile Jack starts driving into insanity, turning more and more aggressive, at the point that Danny and Wendy gets convinced that Jack might try to do the same thing Grady did.

The Shining is Stanley Kubrick's 12th feature film and is considered as one of the best horror film. Well, The Shining just not give you thrills watching it, it features one of the best use of steadicam and cinematography. It is my third favorite Kubrick film and also my favorite horror film.

The Shining succeeds in all elements: the story, the horror, the superb acting, direction, cinematography and the haunting score. Jack Nicholson did a tremendous job portraying the role of Jack Torrance. He was terrifying that you will love to see. Shelley Duvall, on the other hand, is fine, but she was overacting too much. Danny Lloyd is one of the most unforgettable character in this film, he was really good and it gives me chills whenever he says 'Redrum'. Too bad he doesn't want to do more films.
the shining review
The cinematography of the movie is flawless. It is one of the best use of cinematography I've seen since A Clockwork Orange. I also love the use of steadicam, which is effective during the chase scenes. Garrett Brown, creator of steadicam, says that The Shining truly gives the real meaning and use of steadicam.

Overall, the film still gives me thrills and is one of the reason whenever I go to hotels or other houses. I love the final shot of the film, which haunts me in my dreams. The use of score is brilliant. The cinematography is flawless. The acting is really well-done. The direction by Kubrick was great.

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