Titanic 3D - Movie Review

Apr 10, 2012
Spoiler Alert: The Ship Sinks.

Titanic is back in the big screen for it's 100th anniversary in 3D. Did the 3D conversion satisfy me and is worth a look in the big screen? Read our review.

Titanic, the ship of dreams, is unsinkable, and it was unsinkable on it's departure on April 10, 1912. And on it's epic journey, a poor artist named Jack Dawson and a rich girl Rose DeWitt Bukater fall in love, until one night, their fairy tale love for one another turns into a struggle for survival on a ship about to sink to the bottom of the North Atlantic. Rose leaves her fiance Caledon Hockley for this poor artist, but when the Titanic collides with the iceberg on April 14, 1912, and then when the ship sinks on the next day, Jack dies and Rose survives. 84 years later, Rose tells the story about her life on Titanic to her granddaughter and friends on the Keldysh and explains the first sight of Jack that falls into love, then in to a fight for survival.

Titanic is one of my favorite movies of all time. It has the most dramatic ending I have seen, and it's the first film that I cried to. When news arrived that James Cameron will re-releasing Titanic in 3D, I couldn't become more excited. I saw the trailer before the 3D screening of Wrath Of The Titans and really impressed by it. I said, I should really, really see this.

During the first shots of the film, I was not that impressed by it. But when the Titanic is shown and about to depart, wow, this is the best post-converted 3D I have seen. It really looks like it was shot in 3D and felt that I was in there. Some scenes were unnecessary in 3D, but the sinking scene, was really powerful and a little bit more dramatic, if seen in 3D.

The acting is well performed by a young Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. They had the most effective and realistic chemistry I have seen. Billy Zane is such a good villain in this film. Since the beginning of the film, I always thought, will he be a villain or not, because he was pretty nice to Rose. And when, the romance heat up between Jack and Rose, he couldn't become more bad-ass. He was strong and a little bit douchebag, that I really love to see in a villain.

The visuals of the film was fantastic. The ship looked so real even though it was made by special effects. The inside of the ship was really well-made, and the sinking scene, which I thought the best scene in 3D, was flawless and dramatic, accompanied with a brilliant use of special effects.

Overall, the whole film is 194 minutes and it's worth a look in 3D. The acting is well performed. The visuals was fantastic. If you want to reminisce the old times, Titanic's re-release in 3D will leave you with the 90's nostalgia.

The geek rates it 9.4/10. Not my favorite Cameron movie, but it's one of the best love story I have seen.


  1. really great and the director had been equally great, then perhaps the "Titanic" might have become a great movie even without the romantic episode !!

    The actual story of the Titanic's sinking should have sufficed to make a great movie !

    With the romantic add-on, it is a bit like 'masala' foisted on a truly compelling spectacle !


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