Alien - Movie Review

May 16, 2012
alien ridley scott
Before returning to Earth from a deep-space mission, the crew of Nostromo is awakened by an SOS call from a system. Descending to the planet's surface, they discover a discover a bizaare derelict spaceship. What they find out inside the ship is thousands of unusual alien eggs. While examining the eggs, it attacks one member of the ship. Returning to Nostromo, the crew takes off again to head for Earth. An alien parasite inside the ship comes out of the victim's body knowing that the crew was informed it was dead. What the crew of the ship thought would be a great comeback to their home planet turns out to be a serious trouble - killing the members of the ship.

Yeah, as I said earlier, I made this review officially for the release of Prometheus this week. Alien is one of my favorite sci-film next to Star Wars. I guess I didn't see this film as a sci-fi movie, mostly it's more of the thriller genre. The first time I saw this film, maybe I was in my third grade, I was so terrified in the whole movie. There were a lot of thrills and surprisingly good twists in the movie, which really made me love it.

The first half of the film is quite boring, but I guess it's a good build-up to the second half of the movie , which is whole straight thrill and action. Yeah, some scenes were slow-paced but it really didn't matter to me. The performances were really good in this film, especially to Sigourney Weaver.

alien sigourney weaverSigourney Weaver is one bad-ass lady. Her character is so appealing and so strong that she might kick Lisbeth Salander's butt right in. Ian Holm is also good in this film as the humanoid Ash. I still wonder how Michael Fassbender portray as a humanoid in the unofficial prequel 'Prometheus'. John Hurt is great. Tom Skerritt is pretty good. Same as to Jones the cat, you might find me weird for me in saying this, is the most awesome character in the movie.

The visuals of the movie is amazing. It adds a whole new meaning to the movie. Made it more thrilling and deliver the alien looks realistic. Cinematography is great. Especially for the chase sequences. The score is also good and haunting. Performances is awesome.

Alien is a terrifying, sci-fi thriller which uses the cliched horror chasing scenes in a very distinctive way you never notice would come.

The geek rates it 8.6/10. I'll be back for my review of Prometheus and an update on the blog.

For now, why not check a clip from 'Alien':

alien teaser poster


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