American Reunion (Film Review)

May 13, 2012
The Stiffmeister is back for more.
Thirteen years after the incident of American Wedding, Jim, Finch, Oz, Kevin, and Stifler are back for the reunion of the year. Their lives has lost in separate ways. Jim and Michelle are living together with their child. Kevin has been happy marrying his new wife. Oz is now a successful sports analyst. Finch has supposedly gone missing. And Stifler is now working as a temp at an investment firm, but desperately wants to party.

American Pie was one of my favorite comedy movie. I remember way back that my parents doesn't allow me to watch any of these teen sex comedy films and when I sneak to my parent's room and watch the first two American Pie films, oohh memories. American Pie successfully admit how perverted and sexually-arouse teen boys (even girls, by the way) are, and how awesome and important high school was. It has a heart and motivational tone into it, and I am proud to say, American Pie (for me) is one of the best 90s comedy ever made.

American Reunion brings back the memories of the original films.  Quircky, Naughty, Sexy, and of course, Funny. I was laughing in most of the parts of the film, but, I was expecting a more funnier tone to it rather than putting enough teenagers to it. This film is like the Rocky Balboa of the American Pie series. It both duplicates a lot of scenes, brings back a lot of characters you loved, and has the same ending as the first film.

Jason Biggs, as Jim, is just plain hilarious. He was just acted so funny in most of the scenes, especially 'THAT' scene. Sean William Scott as the iconic Stifler, again solved my worries for the movie. He made a lot of jackass moments like taking a poop in the beer cooler and meeting *****'s mom. Also, Eugen Levy steal the show, whenever he's on screen. His dialogues has been an laugh-out loud moment in the film.

Overall, American Reunion embraces a lot of heart and comedy, the way American Pie does it. MTRCB has rate it R-18, so you might expect a whole lot of nudity, and foul-but-funny jokes, and it's uncut.

The geek rates it 6,9/10. Plain funny movie, but I was expecting a lot funnier movie.

For now, why not check the trailer for American Reunion:


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