The Avengers Second Post-Credit Scene Details Revealed

May 3, 2012

If many of you seen Avengers and still wondering if there's a scene after the post-credit scene, which introduces a new villain in the Marvel Universe, well, I got the details for you.

But before we start, remember, this is a major spoiler for the movie. If you don't want me to spoil the movie for you, click the back button as many as you can.
If you heard the news during the premiere when Robert Downey Jr. and Mark Ruffalo said that they will shoot a final scene, yeah, that was the final scene. I'm not sure if the after-after credits scene was shown here, but that scene was surely gonna be on the US release. Anyways, here it is.

It was them eating at a wrecked shawarma restaurant, probably at Tony Stark's insistence. And that's how the Avengers end. Unexpected scene right? Funny to see that I was expecting a teaser for the upcoming Marvel movies like Antman or Ironman 3.


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