Men In Black III (Film Review)

May 25, 2012
It's been a decade. So, it's time to suit this things up.

Those two men in black suit are back once again after a decade in Men In Black III. In the third installment of the franchise, Agent K has been killed by his old nemesis, Boris the Animal and put the Earth through danger. Veteran Agent J has travel back to 1969 to save the young K and kill Boris from putting danger to the humanity.

To those who don't know, Men In Black is the first film I have literally seen in my life. When I was a kid, I always put the Men In Black VHS and watch the film over and over again. The sequel, Men In Black II is okay, but still as fun as the first one. And after a decade, I went to our local cinema to witness what comedic genius, Barry Sonnenfeld has to bring up for the anticipated three-quel Men In Black III.

Men In Black is just as funny and action-packed as the first two movies. And actually, I thought it was the best one in the series. It was one of the best movie experience I had this 2012 and one of my favorite films as well. As expected, it has a great transition of humor, action and thrill. It also has the most surprising performances done by younger K himself, Josh Brolin.

Josh Brolin, is the most perfect actor to play the younger version of K. He kinda looks like Tommy Lee Jones, but you would not expect him to play a fit K. He literally puts Jones mannerisms and sleekness really good, and you know, it's Josh Brolin. He's done really well in any form. Will Smith, once again delivers a good performance. Same good laughable J as well. Bill Hader, who plays a short role in the movie, really is good as Andy Warhol. Michael Stuhlbarg, hmm, is kinda annoying in this one. He plays this alien who could see the future and always make an awkward smile, but he's good sometimes in here.

The visuals of the movie is just fascinating. It's so realistic and perfectly detailed as well. The aliens of the movie is still just so great, but luckily they reduce some annoying aliens Men In  Black II has. There were a lot of great stuffs in the film, including the shocking ending. The ending is what rises up my inner fan to the series. It is very emotional and what made me love the film instantly. I don't want to spoil it for you, but you will be completely shocked, but I recommend you to bring some tissues right in.

This film was not shot in 3D. It was in post-converted 3D so, it might become a flat disappointing finish. There's a 50/50 chance that the 3D in this film will be terrible. But surprisingly, it turns out to be really good. I had a really great time watching this in 3D. There's a lot of depth and pop-up effects both adults and kids will enjoy.

Overall, Men In Black III is flat-out fun and hilarious. The 3D is done perfectly, but the ending itself will make you love the franchise even more.

The geek rates it 7.5/10. I'll be back for my review of Prometheus and Pulp Fiction.

For now, why not check the trailer of Men In Black III:


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