Prometheus (Film Review)

Jun 5, 2012
Best sci-fi film of 2012? I'll agree to that.
Director Ridley Scott returns to the genre that defines him as a filmmaker. In this unofficial prequel of 'Alien', a group of scientists travels to the universe on the spaceship 'Prometheus' to investigate unknown Alien life forms. The team becomes stranded on an alien planet, horrors and several mischief's happen they never expected. The horror they occur is not a threat for themselves, but a threat to humanity.

I am a fan of the first two Alien movies. And I must say those are the two reasons why I don't want to be an astronaut when I was a kid. It both gives me nightmare when I was a kid, and made me understand films in a more better way. When I heard Ridley Scott doing a film set in the 'Alien' world and releasing it in 3D, I couldn't be this happy. Prometheus is one of my most anticipated films this 2012. I'm stalking this film when the first trailer came out. But big thanks to 20th Century Fox Philippines, I get a chance to watch this movie before anyone else.
Prometheus is an awesome film. For every sci-fi fanboy, you will surely gonna love this film. It has good thrills and scares that you might enjoy. Also, what I love about this film is that there were no jokes or humor intended for this one. Just plain action, thrills and scaring the sh*t out of you. Noomi Rapace, formerly known as the original Girl With The Dragon Tattoo did a pretty good job in this one.
Just like her performances in the original Swedish film versions of the Millennium trilogy, Noomi Rapace's acting is perfectly pitch and made the movie even more intense. Michael Fassbender steals the show for this one as the humanoid David. He is so good that you didn't even care about the other characters and just focus on David. I love how he act. He has no feelings or emotions. He didn't smile and just keep making a straight face. Charlize Theron is also good in this film. Guy Pearce is spectacular as that old man Peter Weyland. The visuals are also what made the film possible and awesome.
The visuals in this film is mindblowing. It was so realistic that you are trapped in another world like they did in the film. It gives even more enough thrills. The aliens were perfectly made even though there are 3-7 aliens were in the film. It creates more depth and feel to it which brings us to the use of 3D.
The 3D for this film is the best 3D I have ever seen so far. Even better than Avatar's 3D (3D for Avatar made me dizzy and hurts my eye). And as you might worried about those dark parts of the film in the night or at space, Ridley Scott perfectly enhances the limit of brightness of the 3D in this film. There were a lot of pop-up thingy, but it's more of a depth and feel in this one. 

This film has a really eye-catching visuals. Great 3D. Great performances by the entire cast. Well written script. Great story. 
Prometheus is guaranteed as the best science fiction film this year. It might not be that thrilling and scary as Alien, but it delivers a stand-out by Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace.

The geek rates it 8.4/10. I'll be back for my review of Pulp Fiction.
For now, why not check a featurette of Prometheus:



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