Rock Of Ages (Film Review)

Jun 24, 2012
Remember the name. Hey Man.

Set in 1987 Los Angeles, Sherrie Christian travels to Los Angeles with hopes of becoming a famous singer. There she met Drew Boley, an employee of The Bourbon Room, a popular nightclub in Sunset Trip, with wishes also of becoming a singer. The two became lovers facing good and sometimes bad challenges in their relationship. On the other hand, The Bourbon Room owner Dennis and his right-hand man Lonny suffers on having paying taxes and violent hates from church groups, forcing them to bring Arsenal frontman, Stacy Jaxx to the stage.

Having my dad as an influence of 70s and 80s rock forced me to watch this movie. Featuring some songs of Journey, Poison, Twisted Sister, Rock Of Ages never stops entertaining its audience until its ending. But in some cases, this film provides some problems and uninteresting subplots, so I'm here to tackle some of it.

There's a 50/50 chance if this movie will be that great or a disappointment. I really have no choice if where or how I can rate this movie because I enjoyed most of the scenes in it and characters were completely out of focused. Tom Cruise is in it and i'm completely shivered out and surprised at his performance.

Tom Cruise's performance is one of the treats and privileges on what you get watching this movie. Him singing Paradise City and Wanted Dead Or Alive is one of the best covers ever done in any musical. And if you came only to see Tom Cruise sing in this movie, you will not be disappointed. The other casts including Diego Boneta, Julianne Hough, Malin Akerman, Paul Giamatti, and Catherine Zeta-Jones, in what I thought, kinda lowers on the acting itself but when they sing, trust me, you will sing in between them. Russell Brand and Alec Baldwin also is funny and irrelevantly good and hilarious in the movie. Especially when they sing 'I Want To Know What Love Is?'.

The soundtrack is also what took a stand in making this movie enjoyable. Still having LSS on Don't Stop Believing and the Jukebox Hero/ I Love Rock N' Roll mash up. I'm still waiting for the official soundtrack to come in stores because i'm eager to buy it. I love the fact that they almost perform a new song after 4-5 minutes. But I was completely disappointed on the movie, which turned out to be very cheesy and corny.

Overall, the performances by Cruise and the rest of the cast were good. The soundtrack is exhilarating. The script is really bad.

'Rock Of Ages' is a good time if you came out with expectations on Tom Cruise and the soundtrack. A very good popcorn flick for 80s rock fans.

The geek rates it 6.7/10. I'll be back for my review of The Amazing Spiderman.

For now, why not check Catherine Zeta-Jones singing Hit Me With Your Best Shot from Rock Of Ages:


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