The Dark Knight Rises (Film Review)

Jul 20, 2012
'Why do we fall? So we might learn to pick ourselves up.'
So that's that for Christopher Nolan's part. He made every single fanboy out there leave the cinema with a big smile and uncontrollable happiness. I was one of those die-hard Batman fans who shed a tear, one for being happy that I've finally seen it and another one for because it's the end. The Dark Knight Rises is one of my anticipated film this 2012 and here's my take on it.

Eight years after having the blame for Harvey Dent's death, Batman has been hunted and no longer needed in Gotham. But when a cat burglar with a mysterious agenda, and even worse, the emergence of Bane, a masked terrorist whose plans is to destroy Gotham into pieces drives Bruce to return as the caped crusader.

The Dark Knight Rises is one of my most anticipated film of the year. And does it deliver, hell yeah. Everything just sums up perfectly in this movie, it might not become as realistic as the first two films but it is arguably the best film of the year so far. I will be dividing these review into two parts: one with no spoiler and the other with my clear analysis of the film.

Christian Bale has got to be the best Batman ever to debut on film. And if you got issues of his Batman voice in The Dark Knight and Batman Begins, worry no more because you can easily understand his voice this time. Michael Caine also reprises his role as the trusted  butler and a father figure as well for Bruce Wayne. Unfortunately, he doesn't that have enough screen time, but every single minute of his scenes were definitely good and very emotional. Tom Hardy is so good as Bane. I have no problem with his voice. My only problem is this, they changed the voice which you can hear in the original prologue format (The one attached before Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol). It was re-dubbed and makes it less sinister and terrifying. Anne Hathaway as Catwoman. Hmmmm, let's admit it, she's hot in the black latex suit but she's truly kick some asses in this one (take it away Black Widow). Joseph Gordon-Levitt as John Blake, I have no words to say in this one, but awesome. Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman and the other cast members performs naturally and with great effort for the final chapter.

The actions were really good. It makes me remind of the Transformers: Dark Of The Moon climax but in a more realistic and nerve-wrecking way. 'The Bat', the newest gadget Lucius Fox offered to Bruce Wayne which comes in black is so awesome. Trust me, the Bat scenes were shot with IMAX cameras, so i'm advising you to see it as clearly as possible. They didn't do enough visual effects/ CGI to this film but real explosions and action. That football scene, believe it or not, was real, they use explosions and added a bit CGI so it would become more realistic. 

The visuals of the film were really good. Action scenes were well-made. Performances were terrific.

The Dark Knight Rises is the perfect way to end a beloved franchise. If you hate Christopher Nolan or the Batman trilogy, then you'll have my permission to die.

The geek rates it 9.5/10. If you haven't seen this film, get outta here! And if you have seen it, here's my Spoiler-Filled analysis of The Dark Knight Rises.

Still here, all right. So I just wanted to talk about here is the anti-climactic ending and some scenes from the movie.

The action scenes were really good in the film. Especially the one where Bane broke Batman's back. You might have saw a glimpse of that scene from the Nokia trailer, where Bane was like ' Mr. Wayne-uhh'. That scene was just so-so-so good. I guess it lasted for like 5-7 minutes I guess, but it's the best action sequences in any movie I saw since Rocky Balboa beat the hell out of Ivan Drago in Rocky IV.
The much-talked about during the hype of the film was Ra's Al Ghul returning from the dead. I have waited for like an hour and a half just to see Liam Neeson again. It clearly looks like his character really died. I have no idea if he's really immortal or his image just reflects on Bruce. Did he escaped from the train wreckage at the end of Batman Begins? I'm halfway sure that he survives, they didn't even refer or show the dead body of Ra's.

And here it is. The much-talked about ending to the film which leave us a lot of questions. Christopher Nolan is the Stanley Kubrick of our generation. Not just that they both do a lot of great films, they leave the audiences with a smile and a whole lot of questions (Best examples for this are 2001: A Space Odyssey and Inception). Did Batman or Bruce Wayne did really die? Is John Blake gonna be Robin? This film ends to a new opening. And as from my theorems for the movie, here's what I just got to say. 

Bruce Wayne didn't die but Batman did. The plan was mentioned earlier in the film when Lucius Fox and Bruce Wayne that an  auto-pilot in 'The Bat' was installed. Bruce Wayne has also planned to fake Batman's death, but what's with Bruce's grave? Alfred have known that Bruce was faking his death and also faking tears. The ending is finished very anti-climactic. Bruce Wayne started a new life with Selina Kyle.

The final shot of the film is John Blake going to the Batcave. This is one evident that he is going to be Robin. His birthname is later revealed as Robin.  But I guess Blake is a little bit old to be Robin, so I had to say he might become Nightwing.

Just to end this review, I wanted to thank Christopher Nolan for the Batman movies. I hope Zack Snyder will do the same thing to Man Of Steel, but if he doesn't, then he'll have my permission to die.

For now, why not check a 13 minute preview for The Dark Knight Rises:


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