The Dictator (Film Review)

Aug 10, 2012
Most of you might hate me for saying this. The Dictator is a terrible movie.
The Dictator is mainly about General Hafez Aladeen, a dictator whose been hated by everyone in his country. He sets to go to New York not knowing that a threat was planning into him, shaving his iconic beard off so people will not recognize him. Until he met Zoey, a woman protesting Aladeen, things go awry.                                                                        

The Dictator is one of the worst film I had seen this year. It is somewhat funny, but most of the hilarious moments of this movie are already on the trailers, so don't expect that much for this film. Everything just feels so cliched in this movie, especially the main plot of the movie, you know how it's gonna end.
I was a big fan of Sacha Baron Cohen in his 'The Ali G' and 'Borat' years, until that trying-to-be-funny-but-not Bruno came. I thought he was great pranking on random citizens and was surprisingly great in Hugo but he kinda let down for this movie. I had a lot of expectations for this movie when he spilled Kim Jong-Il's ashes to Ryan Seacrest in the previous Oscars, i'm not saying his performance is bad, I thought it was okay. 

Anna Faris and Ben Kingsley looks to be they're forced to do this movie. Ben Kingsley is such a great actor, will you just let him play silly in this days? Of course not, will just they let the actor rest and make another Gandhi movie. A couple of actors have cameos in this movie including Ed Norton and Megan Fox, which has nothing to do with the movie.

This movie has a fresh, original concept, but became pretty bad. Performances were bad, I guess. Legit use of some famous pop songs translated into Wadiyan language, it is fun to giggle to it. 

The Dictator is hopefully a glorious comedy by Sacha Baron Cohen but turned out as 'that comedy released in Summer 2012. The whole premise of the movie were dumb and cliched.

The geek rates it 6.4/10.

For now, I will be leaving you with this clip from The Dictator:


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