The Bourne Legacy (Film Review)

Aug 19, 2012
So we got a new Bourne movie without Matt Damon. How is it gonna work? Here's my thoughts on the film.
So The Bourne Legacy is about Aaron Cross, a super soldier (kind-of) who is in the same program Jason Bourne was in. When the unexpected secrets of the company are revealed, they decided to perforated the program and kill all members of the team involved in it. Because Aaron Cross is bad-ass, he survives and flew away to Manila with Rachel Weisz (forgot her character in the movie) to get some  pills which made him stronger mentally and physically. And several chases and twists and that, and you get yourself a Bourne movie. 
The Bourne Legacy is one of my most anticipated film of 2012 since the climax of the film was shot entirely there. Having seen the first three films with Matt Damon, i'm more interested in watching this movie. But this is a different take on the series, and focusing more to a character that I wish they would've done more.

Jeremy Renner and Rachel Weisz are good in the movie. There are some scenes in the movie where you didn't even care for the other characters. One of those is Ed Norton. Ed Norton is such an overrated actor. And if you still can't agree with me, go watch American History X and come back here. He's character was kinda wasted in this movie. His objectives was only to watch Jeremy Renner running and that's it. There were no developments in the other characters. 

Every time I was watching a movie, especially if it's an action movie, I had been hearing reactions like ' this movie is talky-talk-talk, I want some more action and explosions.' I had been very pissed of whenever someone says that. But after seeing this movie, I get their point and started to become a victim of 'the-movie-is-talky-and-less-action dilemma'. This movie was dialogue heavy and the script alone is not that good as what you expect. I'll advise you to watch this movie with preparing for the 1 and a half-hour dialogue scenes while patiently waiting for the 20 minute chasing sequences in the end.

The cinematography is great. The soundtrack is really good. If you have seen the first three Bourne films, you will not be surprised listening that Moby song in the end. The action scenes were not that great. Performances were outstanding. But the story and the script was kinda a let-down in this movie. 

Hope we'll get Matt Damon back on the series and maybe teaming up with Jeremy Renner in The Bourne Betreyal (that would be epic). 

'The Bourne Legacy' was the weakest of all Bourne movies. I would prefer it to be a stand-alone movie and leave the respected trilogy alone.

The geek rates it 6.7/10.

For now, why not check some behind the scenes footage for The Bourne Legacy:


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