The Cabin In The Woods (Film Review)

Aug 26, 2012
I see the point why I don't like going in the woods after watching this movie.
A group of teenagers go on a trip in the cabin at the woods. But what they don't know is that the cabin itself was being controlled by a secret agency (I still don't know what is it called). And starting from there mischief and a whole lot of mayhem happen in the cabin and the 5 teens. The Cabin in the Woods is a great tribute for those who have been linked and a big fan of the horror/ suspense genre, please be advised that if you haven't seen this movie, I dare you to stop reading this review for now because i'll be discussing the ending. So read at your own risk or else your watching experience with this movie will be completely destroyed.

The Cabin in the Woods has been shelved in Metro Goldwyn Studios since 2009, but due to bankruptcy, the studio has decided to release it at a later time. But luckily, another studio buys the rights of the film and release it earlier this year. 2012 was the same year The Avengers was released, so i'm guessing that it's because of making money since most of us knew Joss Whedon and Chris Hemsworth after seeing The Avengers, so who knows, they definitely gonna see this film no matter what. (great marketing strategy right there.)

In fact, I didn't quite enjoyed the film, since it become very cliched and silly, but it's part of Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard's homage to 80s and 90s horror movies. They were a few Evil Dead moments right there in the middle of the movie. But the ending is what I really want to discuss for now.

The ending for this film is such a memorable experience for any horror fan out there. There's a lot of references of monsters used in Underworld, Pan's Labyrinth, It, and 13th Ghosts. I have seen in the theaters with 5-10 people goes to see it. But i'm guessing that horror fans that decided to see this film, will never leave the cinema with a huge smile in their faces. The final shot of the movie is scary, I must say it looks like it's the monsters turn to take down the world again.

I had a fun watching this movie. There were a whole lot of references to horror movies. The performances by Hemsworth and the cast were admittedly not that good. If you're paying to see this movie, i'll guarantee you that there's no scene in this movie that will make you bore.

'The Cabin In The Woods' is a great homage to the genre we all love. It is a treat for those who love the horror genre itself.

The geek rates it 7.5/10. I will be back for my reviews for 'The Campaign' and 'Katy Perry 3D: Part of Me'

For now, why not check the trailer for The Cabin In The Woods:


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